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what is the cost of the pico i was thinking it was $$$ around 75$ or so am i mistaken?
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i linked above the pico and adapter. most i have ever paid was $35 shipped. Frequently the power brick goes cheap like $10 so the pair can be had for $30 shipped to your door in the us from amazon..
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well damn, I should have went that route when i still had the 200 series. for some reason I was thinking it was double that.
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Hello guys,

I've had the power supply failure also and gave the unit to a friend of mine who repaired the power supply and replaced all the cheap chinese caps with much better panasonic ones ! Hopefully these will last longer, unless there's a problem with the design itself which will lead to failure of the caps no matter how good they are. Now, if you can help me with my other problems I would be gratefull. I play my movies both by direct streaming from my computer (very good signal, less than 4m between the comp and the TV) and from the internal HD of my PCH. While most mkvs are fine, I encountered problems with the movies filmed by myself (mp4 or avchd) using the Canon 5D mk2 (25fps) and Canon legria HF-G30 (50fps). Sometimes I get slow motion, sometimes sound misses or gets interrupted...At first I streamed them from my comp and I thought the bitrate is too high for my connection so I copied them onto the internal hdd of my PCH but with the same results. This led me to believe the PCH processor itself is too weak for 50fps. Any ideas ?
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  Hello there !


I repaired fuscobal's power supply; now what I can say about it is that it is not such a crappy PSU, because it's a PFC (Power Factor Corrector) design, which is nice, and the two SMPS's (stand by and main) are very simple straight designs (no fancy feedback inventions, etc.); after the PFC there are two PSU's : the stand by PSU (5VSB), and the main PSU (5V, 12V); the problem here was the stand by PSU, which gave up, indeed, because the crappy chinese capacitors - mainly the high voltage rail (68uF / 400V); I replaced mostly all the chinese caps with Panasonic E series for the HV input rail, and Panasonic FC series for the output voltage rails (all rated at 105C). The stand by PSU repair was also a bit tricky, because I had to rewind the chopper transformer (primary winding was burned out badly due to short circuit of the switching transistor), but in the end, it came out very stable and I don't think it will break again soon. For added safety, I mounted 1Amp fuse after the PFC, just before the stand by PSU, so in case of failure, the transformer would not burn out again. Whichever of you wants to repair it, I can provide some help :)

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Originally Posted by comicguy View Post

then you have been very lucky. there are NUMEROUS threads about the POS power supply in this thing. I LOVE my PCH almost as much as my Dune but the power supply is a complete piece of crap. Here is what I have replaced mine with and it has run flawlessly. Have also done this replacement on about 10 other pch-200's for people.
comicguy, Would the 2nd one - the sabranet work or would I need to order both? If the 2nd one would work, I would just order it and keep it - in case I have a failure.. its so cheap..
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Originally Posted by sean_w_smith View Post

Thats a limitation of NMJ. Try Eversion+YAMJ

I just bought the pch c200. I have not received it yet. I am planning to use it on a network. I have a mediasonic 8 bay USB unit, with 5 drives in it, attached to my boxee, which acts as my NAS. I have two other media players 9Asus and WD) already on the network and they work just fine, showing all the drives on the network. Do I still need to download and install Eversion+YAMJ? I went to the website and I am not sure I am following about what it is that these do. Could you please eloborate on this subject and about the installation of these two?
Thank you
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My C200 from 2009 is still chugging along on the original Power Supply. I do have an extra one lying around somewhere. At least I think it is for the C200.

But I also don't use my C200 very much any more. When I use it, typically it is for a Tv show on a BD ISO. So I can see the full menus and select the epsisode. Most of my Tv show BD ISOs don't have the episodes in order when using BD lite. Although most of my Anime TV show BD ISOs have the epsiodes in order.
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~~good morning to all


I have just joined this site so far very impressed ... I cannot find a section that related to my issue ...... I have a C-200 and have some mkv files in 3d I noticed the other day that I get a line down the right hand side of the screen I say line it is part of the picture that should be on the left hand side hope that makes sense .... if I play files through pc no problems I think I have altered a setting somewhere but for the life of me don't know what... can anyone help sorry if this is in the wrong section but looked and cannot find a suitable section thanks in advance johnno

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List all your video settings and connections.
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vid out............ 1080p 50hz

framerate sync.....ntsc/pal

vid zoom..... fit to screen

tv type....16:9

colour space ..... ycbrc  (auto)


that's the  vidieo would you need any other setting Gary


 thank you


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vid out  ..... 1080p 50 hz


frame rate ... ntsc/pal


vid zoom  fit to screen


tv type      16:9


colourspace     ycbcr (auto)


do you need any other setting Gary



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You are in Europe connecting to PAL TV by HDMI?
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Hi again gary yes that's correct hdmi 1.4  cable

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