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Upscaling query

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Not solely about 3D, but can anyone comment on the upscaling of DVD's using either the BT100 or BD85 BD players? New 58VT25 on its way, and was thinking of picking up a newer Oppo when available . . . 3D and general top notch performance for many format. But that product is some time down the road, and in the interim I am most interested in playing my existing DVD's. I've saw the BD85 and it doesn the upscaling very well. The newer BDT100 3D player . . . I know nothing about. And I can't find the 300 or 350 series players about. Who knows, if excellent upscaling and good 3D is possible in the Pana line, may even forget about the Oppo.

thanks for the help with this
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It is very possible that Panasonic is using the same or a better upscaling chip in the VT25 then it is is using in its's Blu-Ray player
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I'm new to this . . . that never even crosssed my mind.

Time to educate myself a bit more . . . . perhaps looking for answers that may already be there.

Many thanks
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The scaling in the VT25 is better than what you get from DirecTV or Dish STBs, prolly comparable to what you'd get from the Panny players. None of them will approach what you'll get from the Oppo, especially with difficult content like old TV shows and the like. For average decent-quality DVD movies the differences will be smaller. The Oppo BDP-83 and older 983 DVD player probably represent the best DVD scaling that we'll ever see, since that is becoming less and less of a concern for average users. The scaling on my BDT100 is average at best, and I would say it's less good than the VT25. Again, the usual caveats apply: screen size, viewing distance, display calibration and personal preferences.
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