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Here are my requirements:

size should be in the mid to high 50"s, price can be no more than 2 grand, preferably around or less than $1,500.

I will mostly watch hd content the vast majority through my htpc or ps3, while i have cable i don't want much live broadcast. up to 50% gaming (fps games), the rest is mostly tv (through the htpc), and a movie once or twice a week (via htpc or Bluray through the ps3).

I'm not too interested in an internet capable tv since i have an htpc which satisfies my needs. I'm not interested in 3d since i don't want 1st gen tech.

It seems the options are the Panasonic g25 54" or the samsung pnc6500 58"?

I also read on one forum post somewhere that the pnc550 might be a viable choice? that the only difference between is and the 6500 is the internet abilites? That they have the same panel? with similar blacks and pq? Not sure if that's true? But I could "hack" the 6500 into thinking it's an 8000 which would give me 24p? Also I could do the same withe 550 into a 590? I doubt I watch enough movies for it to be worth it, but I don't know.

I'm of the understanding the the panasonic tv is better? I'm concerned with the panasonic rising/floating black issue? but the panasonic has less video lag for gaming? Which has better color & PQ?

Does anyone have any direct experience comparing the 2?