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I've had my g25 for about a week now, and have been a bit unsure about some of the display.. quirks.

I have no cable connected, as it was purchased primarily for gaming (less input lag/display lag than most LCDs I looked at). I have a 360 and PS3 connected, but have this far only observed this issue with the 360.

When sitting at the dashboard screen (which I try to avoid on account of all the still images), there seems to be a lot of flickering noise on the darker backdrop on the bottom. I TRIED to take a video of it, with limited success:
Any bluish flicker you see in all that black is basically what I'm seeing on the darker portion of the backdrop. It reminds me vaguely of the sort of noise/fuzz you might get over a so-so connection on an older CRT. Except, instead of the random color you might see on a CRT, these are all mostly bluish blips.

The 360 is connected over a "high speed" HDMI cable I picked up off of monoprice, and is displaying/outputting at 1080p, the same res as the display. So, I wouldn't think it would be connection issue. However, without ANY input, I don't see anything like that. When using the media viewer to run test patterns, they also seem solid.. without any of that. Mind you, neither of those have movement or a mix of colors on the screen.

As an additional note, but... less hard to track. The display (again, on the 360 at least), seems to occasional get a flicker of a white line horizontally. Not constant, very short, and not completely solid... more like a thinner version of the lines you'd see when using tracking on a VCR, and just a single one.. and usually not across the entire display. I'm sorry, I'm trying to give the best possible description, but I'm not sure if I'm doing a good job.

I'm concerned, as I just purchased the TV, if it's a manufacturer's defect with the TV, or there's some other issue. I know there's some noise reduction settings, Blur reduction, etc. Right now, all the extra settings are off, and the contrast/etc. are dialed down as I've been running patterns to break-in the TV for the first 100 hours.

My questions:
Is this normal? Or what's causing the flickering blue spots and/or that occasional white line?

Is there something I can do setting-wise to correct for it?

I've been using XBR960 as my HD display since it came out, and I wanted to "upgrade" to a larger display that was actually 1080p - I suppose I'm unacquainted with all the quirks.