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Viore 42" plasma help needed PLEASE!!!

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Here's the story...

Chrismas '09 my uncle's 42 inch Viore plasma tv (model # V42PD45MS) went out in the middle of channel surfing between games and the picture suddenly went out. We unplugged it and plugged it back but still nothing came on the screen. It gets power judging by the power light and the quick tick sound of plugging in the power cable. My uncle decides its dead and says he's gonna replace it someday. I ask to have it once he replaces it thinking I might be able to fix it or get it fixed for a couple hundred bucks. He lives in a different city so its July 4th 2010 before I can get back to pick up the tv which he's now replaced with a 46-47" 120hz LCD....

I get some curiousity about the tv and decided to plug a power cable up to it since the first time since I took position of it. To my surprise...IT CAME ON! Since I didn't have a source hooked up to it spent a little while on the blue background auto source screen before displaying that it didn't have a source to use. Bewildered, I turned it off and turned it on again and again it showed a picture looking for a source. I turned it off and hooked it up to an upscaling dvd playing via HDMI to DVI cable. I turned the tv back on, turned on the dvd player and the background of the dvd player came up. I pressed play on the player and it started playing for about 15 seconds. All of a sudden I was back to the blank/black screen that we had experienced during Christmas. Turning it off and on and unplugging and replugging the power cable had no effect. I really had my hopes up.

I am determined to fix this tv if I can. The TV is 5 years old and pretty heavy by flat tv standards these days but hey a free plasma is a free plasma. Sorry for the long story but based on the I just wrote hopefully someone can give me some input what where to start and what to check for. I know Viore is considered the brand of the devil by most and company support sucks and there is little mention of the brand's plasma model on search engines. I'd love a service or troubleshooting manual to use as a base and of course some help from to experts out there in AVS land. Thanks.
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I would check the power supply for puffed/bulged/leaking capacitors. If you find some, replace with the same 'uf' value and go one step higher on the voltage. (e.g. 3300uf @ 10v replace with 3300uf @ 16v.) Be sure to orient them right as polarity makes a difference! Observe the polarity on the cap and the mark on the board before you remove them and you will be ok. Good luck!
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Thanks for the quick reply EG3! So you think its the power supply? There's a shock warning on the back on the tv. I know CRT sets have to discharge for a while before playing inside them. How long do you think I should let this one sit before opening it up? Would just replacing the power supply be easier if I could find one at a good price?

I have discoverd that if it sits for a while unplugged and try it again the picture will show again for another 10-15 seconds and go back out. Just to make sure it wasn't a bad port I connected the dvd player via component too and still the same response.

Also this is an hd monitor. It does not have a tuner.
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Not sure if it is the power supply or not. It is the first thing I would check. Replacing the entire board is always easier than component repair if you can find one. This set will not have a dangerously high voltage after about 15 minutes of being unplugged. There are many posts on this forum and others about replacing capacitors. However, if you don't feel comfortable with electricity, electronics, soldering, etc, I would leave it to a professional. I don't have a service manual on this set. Without some understanding of basic electronics a service manual will do little good anyway. With that said, hands on is the best way to learn! Just be careful with live circuits!!!
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I thought I would start this thread up again to see if I can get a little more assistance. I still have the tv and I have not had the chance to play with it but I am ready to try and repair it or get rid of it. It still has the same issue. Once it powers on it does an input signal search and as soon as it finds it it shows a picture for a split second and then goes black. Of course Viore doesn't support the unit. I opened the back for the first time today and took a little look around and didn't see anything that looked burned or discolored. Any help is appreciated.
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We have the same monitor. One of the caps on the voltage regulator board appears to have leaked. Attempted to adjust every potentiometer I could find. Managed to get the green sparkles minimized. We still have a picture, but it's hard to say for how long. Not sure if it's worth new boards, but if you can find any obviously problematic caps, try replacing those. On the other hand, you can find get a decent LCD, same size/class, for about $600 at this point.
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wow, I have very similar problem but for a 37" LCD (tunerless). The screen will work sometimes and blank (scrambles, snow flakes,...) and when off then on again it work sometimes. I been trying to find time to take it apart but I went on to buy another HDTV (this was back in late 2010) purchased during a BF at office depot. My tv model is LCT37V66HM

I report back with pics and if any leaking capacitors.
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Found about six capacitors leaking.
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