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Yup, I know it is what it is. Guess my only point, to K or any dealers who have probably already passed the same sentiment up to K is that the drive costs make their system a non starter for me. I mean I'm about at the point where I can see the value in a $2k player or a server, but the drive costs are just a showstopper for me.

Well, I don't think I will have the high end equipment that folks have here, but I did invest in a solid theater plan and build. I do agree with you 100% about Kscape and cost. I decided to go the build-a-server-yourself route for a lot less, but would like a decent media player option, especially one that has a drop-and-rip functionality. Kscape does have this, but I have found at least the Vidabox solutions and the ReQuest media player have this functionality too. Not sure if Vidabox requires use of it's own server hardware (looks like it works on WHS) but ReQuest F3 and MiniPlayer Plus do support drop-and-rip functionality without the need to store the disc in a vault and the added expense there. I had posted and inquiry in the media servers forum about ReQuest, but no one had any opinions to offer on the Request lineup. I guess not many people use it.

Anyway, I am in the same position that I can see the value in a $1-$2K player that plays nice with a DIY server, but there still does not seem to be many options that do what K does and does it well...
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Dune HD Max with Vidabox got me to 95%, this could get us to 100% http://www.avsforum.com/t/1450642/dune-max-hd-3d-at-ces#post_22808070

3D frame pack plus Source direct
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Anything further in your quest?
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Find and old firmware oppo bdp-93 on eabay and use a cru dataport dual or quad drive storage. That is the absolute best quality. you have to read the names from the list but if you are concerned about the pq and audio q thats the best way. plus it will also do-dbox the mozeax cannot.
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Thanks Peter
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Anything further in your quest?
No, I don't use 3D so the Dune has met my needs. It's not perfect, but it will play about anything I watch and I converted my BRD's to mkv which typically cuts them in half on size (with no reencoding). I use the Mymovies interface which is decent on the dune with my 5x11 covers modification. It's not perfect, but it was way better than the HTPC experience. And it allows flexibility that I can't get with K. So for me, for now, I haven't been looking to change. Occasionally my Tivo will miss a OTA boradcast due to storms, a ball game that ran long, etc, I can go get that off the internet and play it on the Dune without issue. I like it's flexibility a lot.
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Dune + MyMovies has been work pretty well for me. HTPC is just too problematic.
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Youre welcomed.
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