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Mitsubishi WD-73738 firmware

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How do you tell what Firmware is on these T.V's. I can't find it anywhere.
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No one knows how to check on this TV to see what firmware is on it. I checled through all the settings and can't find it.

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Not in front of the TV at the moment, but you should be able to just hit the menu key and the firmware is the number in the bottom left. Mine's currently 12.05.
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Never saw it down there. 12.05 also
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I just purchased a 73638 and was annoyed to find out that Mit updated firmware for the 738\\838 but not the 638. I know it eliminates the need for a 3D adapter. Can someone tell me if this upgrade makes 3D automatic?
I am a bit frustrated with the many steps needed to watch 3d and am thinking of returning the 638. If it is true that the 738\\838 with the new firmware update makes 3d seamless I will more likely trade up. I am withing my 30 day return window with Amazon. Thanks
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Just got a 73838 yesterday with firmware version 12.07. Both the TV menu and the updated documentation state that 3D can be set to automatic. Haven't tried it as I don't have a 3d BD or glasses (yet).
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how do you update firmware on mits wd73738? please help!
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just tried adding the 12.08 firmware with my usb.no success. do i need a special usb? when the usb's done flashing i hear it click but the tv doesn't turn on.
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Not all USB's will work and make sure all files are opened on the USB.
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