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half wall tv mount

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I have a bi-level house which happens to have a half wall in it, the tv is currently on a TV stand in front of the halfwall, behind it is the staircase going down to the entrance. Where the TV is at is perfect for couch/speaker/not tripping placement of everything. Problem is I want the big huge TV stand to go away but don't know what to do with the TV. I've thought of a ceiling mount, but didn't know how hideous that would be in a house. A quick diagram of the layout is below. Is their another type of mount I'm missing or other options?

                      _____________       __________________
|                                 HALLWAY
|                                         ______________________
|C                         |H|
|O                         |A|
|U                        T|L|
|C                        V|F|
|H                         |W|
|                          |A|
|                          |L|
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So I have the exact same situation... Half wall in the living room going down a half staircase to the entry door. I am trying to figure out the best way to mount the TV. What did you end up doing?
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You could 'fly' it from the ceiling, with something like aircraft cable, though it may be a lot of work to do, and do it right.
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You don't say how big the TV is or how high the ceiling is.. Did you look at ceiling mounts?

Or floor mount without the cabinet

Modify a mount designed to be attached to a cabinet and mount it to the wall. Then build a cover and paint to match the half wall

Chief carts and stands

Chief ceiling mounts

Should be able to find something that will work!
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So here is a picture of the half wall that the TV will be mounted on/to... The ceilings in this room are 10ft so a ceiling mount is out of the question. It would just look terrible. I was thinking of flipping it upside down and mounting the ceiling mount to the top of the half wall. Any thoughts on how that might work?

I was also thinking of mounting the bracket to the top of the half wall and then trying to flip the mounting rails upside down so it would raise the TV up... I will be mounting at 42" tv now with a 60" to follow sometime in the future. So I'd like the solution to work for both TVs.

Yes I realize just putting it on a piece of furniture would be the easy way out but I really do not like the look of that... I am going for a clean modern look.

Thanks for all your help!
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I think Chief can offer you exactly what you need. Call them.

I think what you want is a pole mount. I think the mount manufacturer can offer you a means to mount the pole as well. You may need wood blocking inside the wall to screw into, so the mount is solid.
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