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Anamorphic Composite Output DVR

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This relates to DVD recorders because people are frequently looking to record anamorphic 16:9. I previously had a Comcast HD DVR which outputs the postage stamp letterboxed 16:9 image. And of course trying to find a good reasonably priced component to S-video adapter seems to be difficult or impossible.

I recently switched to a Dish Network HD DVR and it outputs a nice looking anamorphic signal via its composite video output. Of course it does have HDMI & component out also, but no S-video out on this model. I wish it did, but I never noticed a huge difference between composite & S-video. My friend has the same DVR and tried composite on his 61" HDTV & said it looks very good. FWIW the previous model DVR has S-video out and a built in OTA single tuner. My newer model looses the S-video but has an optional dual tuner OTA module. So I can record 4 HD programs at once and output an anamorphic signal to my Panasonic DVDR when needed.

There are pros & cons when considering cable vs satellite. But thought I'd pass along that Dish HD DVRs do output an anamorphic signal for recording.
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Thanks for the info. I also recently switched from DirecTV (anamophic S-video) to Dish. I was disappointed to lose S-video, but was pleasantly surprised to see that composite actually looks very good, like you said.

Another nice thing you can do with the Dish DVR that you couldn't do with DirecTV is transfer stuff to your panasonic in the background while watching something else. If you put the DVR in dual mode and use the TV2 outputs to your recorder, you can playback a recording or Live TV on TV2 while watching something different on TV1 (recording or Live TV).
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