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New Simulation Grade HR Tubes for G70's

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Want A 15-20% performance improvement/Razer sharp focus for your Sony G70 !!!!

New Sim Grade Hi-Rez Tubes to suit Sony G70's made available By Greg Eisemann of eisemann-theatre.


These New Sim Grade "HR" P16's are Based off the Same tech used in Gregs Sim Grade "HR" lugs & are A direct replacement/ drop in solution for G70'sthat don't require any mod's to the
G70's neck boards and offer Superior performance over the Stock OEM Panasonic P16'08's tubes used in G70 & NEC LC..

Over the years after reading Numerous reviews about how Good Greg Eisemann's Lug tube perform over the Stock OEM used in G90's I contacted Greg inquiring about the availability /possability of Sim Grade p16 tubes that would allow G70 owners to have the ability to utilize enjoy the Superior performance of the 9" Lugs but in an 8" Package..

After many Emails back and forth and open discussion on AVS Greg was finely able to come up with the Goods, 8" sims with same pinout as P16'08's. I could'nt get ahold of A set of these new Sim Grade tubes quick anough to see for myself even though I was still A little Skeptical...

Because 99% of Blu-Ray's have 2:40;1 aspect ratio I run A custom rez of 1920x805p @48Hz(2:2) = 2:40.1..
My stock Green tube always showed A little fatter Hatch pattern compared to running SD-DVD @ 720p @75Hz 3:3(pal) where there was no decernable difference between all 3 RGB tubes when displaying Hatch or Zone inc External test patterns so at 1920x800p the Green tube was starting to show signs of struggling to resolve it IMO ..

With Gregs Sim Grade HR Tubes installed, as I had hoped the Green tube is Razer sharp showing no decernable difference between RGB when displaying Int/ External test patterns @ 1920x805p and the Picture is absolutly stunning & now only running contrast at 55 appears to throw close to the same fL as my old tubes at 65..

For non Bias confirmation I asked the Mr's into the theatre to hear her opinion, & the first coment was WoW the picture looks sharper more depth than last time. How much of an improvement would you say the image is over previous times Dear ?The Mr's said id say 20%
:-O, So I was defenatly not suffering from Placebo..

Next I threw up the SMPTE 1:1 test pattern to see how well the Sim Tubes where resolving 1920x805p compared to my OEM Panasonics & they blew them out of the water ..
Attachment 189677

My little G70 has A little over 1500 hrs on chassis was running original tubes & showed virtualy zero wear (9) before upgrade, Moome V2 Full-HD HDMI int card, external VP is VP50pro running YcBcR 4:2:2 video chain Source is Panasonic BD30 outputing 24p, Screen is Stewarts Lux Deluxe Studio Tek 130 92" 16:9..
After dialing in all the neck assembly's as per G70 service manual section 3 Adjustments (3-1>3-9)

Thanks to Gregs break in pointers The procedure I used for running in/Break-in the Sim Grade Tubes are as Follows:

Input External Signal, I set keystone, Key Balance/ Pin,Pin Bal All to mid point 128, Zone midpoint 128, Adjusted lin Bow & Skew.. While looking into the Tube Face with Lenses Removed I centered the Raster on the tube face running full 4:3 aspect ratio..

Running the Boeing Sim Tubes at (Max safe) 4:3 raster, with Both CONTRAST/ BRIGHTNESS set at 30 & Displaying All White 100IRE test pattern (non Windowed) running high rez @ around fH40.7khz / fV47.95hz, Magnetic Focus> Defocus ALL set to Min so as not to see any Scan Lines,
Double check that All white Active image is Centered to & Filling All the 4x3 Raster area/Tube Face..

I ran the new tubes in For A total of 24Hours in an Air Conditioned room with the last 10 hours slowly ramping up Cont/Bright in 5% increments for maximum of 15-20min bursts before reducing Cont/Bright back to 30 for 30mins, I did'nt go any higher than 55contr/Bright during the latter part of the break in ..

while I was at it also chose to replaced the Optical Glycol (MG chem High Purity Projection Tube Coolent type-803).

Greg's Recommendations: You should do A Full raster at 30 Contrast & 30 Brightness White Screen to allow them to achieve best performance.This will give max Focuse Don't overlap the Raster on the sides.I fined on brand new tubes you have to break them in A little to get the best sharpness. I put 10 hours on them Full raster but not overlap.If you overlap it will crack..
Do not use at 50% Cont for more than 30min but A few short bursts of 50% for 20mins, I watch it to make sure it does not get too hot..

Simulation grade guns wear less they are higher grade brighter and sharper. Its a better tube according to how they are made.They should get maybe a little sharper 5% ? with age and a little more burn in tweeking. Some say they don't reach there full sharpness untill about 50 hours.

My Final thoughts: I love my G70 & These new Sim Grade tubes made the single biggest improvement upgrade scense my Moome V2 HDMI card, Breathing new life back into why I love CRT.
It was Easy to change out the old OEM tubes with the Sim Grade thanks to JohnH Wman well writen Guide which makes it posable for just about anyone to accomplish..


A Huge Thankyou To Greg Eisemann for making this All possible & providing me the opportunity to install these high performance Sim tubes into my G70..

& I cant forget to say A big thanks to Curt Palme for going out of his way to expedite me A Set of OEM G70 HV Leads, thanks CURT....

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I recently retubed a pair of XGLC's for my blend - I wish I knew this was available!!!

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you would have paid for it Bob, big time!!

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If anyone wants to start a list. I can order in bulk to save $

Let me know if anyone is interested. The factory takes about 2 weeks to make a batch.

P.S. I have a really nice G90 for sale.

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Originally Posted by Boilermaker View Post

I recently retubed a pair of XGLC's for my blend - I wish I knew this was available!!!


Its more than likely my fault Bob & for that I apologise ...

I would of had the Review up A month earlier but for not wanting to use the HV leads on my G70's
Panasonic OEM tubes..

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Its more than likely my fault Bob & for that I apologise ...

Not a problem at all, in fact I appreciate the review you did!

I'm sure I'll be doing another blend, and I'll give them a try then.

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