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CBS in Detroit  

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When watching HDTV on CBS in Detroit my signal regularly drops 2-3 times during an hour. The signal usually drops for a few minutes and then it is fine. This happens even though the signal is consistently in the Good range on my Zenith STB.

What could be causing this? Could it be multipath? If so, what steps can I try to prevent it? I have a Channel Master antenna with rotor and have tried a couple different positions with little success. I'm having a Final Four party on Saturday and would like my signal to be as good as possible. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Sorry don't have a suggestion or solution, but I'm chiming into to confirm your observations as I too notice the same drop outs on CBS and was hoping someone could offer an explaination/solution as well.


Grosse Ile, MI
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I too have the same problem... Channel Master antenae with Tosh Dst3000, wish I could figure out why...... in EMU campus area.....
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I too have been getting the occasional dropout on 44-1. It doesn't seem to last more than a couple of seconds. By the the time I get into signal stregnth in the DST-3000 menu it is at 100%. Another Detroit DTV issue I noticed yesterday is that at about 5:00pm WXYZ CH7 (41-1) switched to 480i. It was back at 720p at 8:00pm for the sitcoms. I did not check at 11:00pm to see if it was 480i again.
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I also noticed another thing, or was it just my TV. On Monday, at 8PM, Baby Bob was not in HD, but then at 8:30 pm , the next program went to HD? I take it for some reason, Baby Bob is not in HD?
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Thanks for the replies everyone. I guess its somewhat comforting to know its not just me and therefore probably not something wrong with my equipment. I wonder if WWJ is aware of this issue. I might try and give them a call tomorrow and see if I can find out anything. I'll post a response if I am able to talk with someone at the station.

Rczarne, I haven't had any trouble with 44-1 lately ... thought its been about a week since I watched anything on NBC with all the hoops going on !!

PTS, Baby Bob is not in HDTV.

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Hi All,

Broke or not?? If it's still intermittent I'll make a phone call

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Bob, thanks for inquiring. It was still intermittent tonight. I'm in Livonia and only about 10 miles from the towers and my Zenith STB still shows the signal strength in the middle of the Good range.

During The Agency there were two 10 minute time frames that had extreme pixilation and breakups. The signal dropped completely about 8-10 times; however, the signal drops only lasted a few seconds tonight, not the few minutes like previous nights. The pixilation and breakups though during those two 10 minute time frames was pretty bad. Anyone else have a similar experience tonight?

Bob, if you could look into this it would be much appreciated.

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I'm a lot farther out that you guys but I have been having problems with drop-outs on all the HD stations the last day or two. I'm up in Flushing, west of Flint and hit 70 to 80 on all 5 Hd stations (no PBS) and once or twice an hour the signal beaks up and drops out. Up until now things have been rock solid since I had my new antenna installed, but now I can watch the signal go from 80 to 12 in a few seconds then go back up. Any ideas? Weather? Airplanes? Full Moon?

BTW, anyone see anything from ch 50? Signal shows they are broadcasting but nothing shows up.
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Stephen_M , by 44-1 I was referring to WWJ-CBS. I did not watch yesterday, but did tape from 9:00pm until 11:00pm. I will probably watch over the weekend.
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Rczarne, my fault ... I forgot WWJ maps to 44-1. My STB has always mapped it to 62-1 so I forgot about this. NBC is 45-1 ... I was close. :-)

Matt L, I wasn't getting anything from 50-1 last night either though I was the night before. Does your antenna have a rotor ? That would be the only thing I could suggest on trying to improve your reception ... I know its helped some for me and I'm really close to the towers. Why though it was working great before and now it isn't is certainly a mystery ... and I'm sure a frustrating one for you.

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Were you able to contact WWJ today? If so, any news? Tonight during AFP (ironically, another 10 minute time frame) and during the first 10 minutes of First Monday there was once again extreme pixilation and breakup. The signal dropped for a few seconds about 5-6 times.

Anyone else in the Detroit area see the same thing I have the last two nights? Please put in your input if you have so Bob has as much information as possible. Thanks.

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Stephen_M, I've got the beginnings of an antenna farm here, 2 dishes, 3 antennas on my tower and 2 in my attic! I have a super high gain UHF antenna and a high gain pre- amp feeding my HD tv. I'm getting killer signals on everything just the occasional drop outs as you and others are having. To give you some idea of the signal strength, the other night I was watching CH 20, and I was getting co-channel interference from CH 20 in Bowling Green Ohio. That's something I never thought I'd see. I've found that with the gain comes directionality and a few degrees on the rotor makes a great difference. I just find it strange to go from 80 to 0 and back to 80 in a second or two.

Ahhh, the mysteries of HD TV.......
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Last night during AFP there were two distinct 2 second drop outs. My signal strength is well into the good range. I use a Channel Master 4248 mounted on the roof w/out rotor, and a DTV-1080.
AFP was better than I expected (was told it was going to be totaly lame). My 15 year old nephew who wants to be a pilot discovered he better "bone up" on his studies or he'll get washed out. HD needs improvement and this should be broadcast in DD 5.1 My 2 cents, Randy
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Randy, did you experience any of the pixilation problems like I described? In addition to the dropouts during AFP I had a 10 minute period where there was pretty constant pixilation problems and stutters in the reception. During that time I played with the rotor and while the Zenith STB showed in the good range the entire time, the pixilation problem still occured. If you didn't experience those problems I wonder if I'm having problems due to a combination of WWJ having issues and possibly multipath ... ugh !!

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I wanted to chime in with my experiences with CBS over the last couple of nights. WWJ didn't flip the switch until towards the end of the intro on CSI Thursday night. I watched CSI and the Agency and I did not experience any drop outs or pixilation problems. Last night I watched AFP and First Monday and still did not see any of the problems that you are experiencing. I'm in Trenton about 25 miles south of the towers using a Panasonic STB (no signal meter) and a Radio Shack double bow antenna aimed through two apartment buildings (my unit has no window facing north).

I just bought a HiPix card this week and bought a second antenna for my computer yesterday and I just re-watched AFP this morning to see if I could find these pixilation problems but my recording was perfect. I watched First Monday and did not see any problems. I just wanted to let you know.

Good Luck,
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Thanks for your feedback Rick. This is getting more interesting as the last few times the pixilation has occured I have restarted my Zenith STB and the problem goes away for about 20-30 minutes. When it happens again, I restart the STB and once again it goes away for 20-30 minutes, etc. This would indicate I have a problem with the STB, yet this problem only occurs on CBS. All of the other digital channels in the Detroit area are fine and never experience the pixilation and stuttering problems I have on CBS.

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Well, it looks like I have a solution to my intermittent problem. During the Final Four games tonight pixilation started about 5 times and everytime I restarted my Zenith STB the problem went away.

I really wish I knew why it only happens on CBS but at least I have a fix for it when it does happen. I also wish I had a reason for it happening. Does anyone with more technical knowledge then me on HDTV signals and STB's (which is minimal) have any thoughts?

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Just a thought, but being in Livonia, you're pretty close to the turn for final approach at Metro. See if your signal problems coincide with low planes flying close to your house.
Or put WKBD up (similar frequency and power) on a nearby analog set and see if the signal flickers at the same time.

Again.. just a thought

Dr Don (used to work in Detroit)
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Only minor pixelation problems (for 5 secs or so) last night on CBS during the final four, no drop outs and the signal meter on my Tosh DST-3000 was registering 100 for CBS, NBC and Fox....quite windy last night, so that could have something to do with it.... strange though...
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I have not experienced any pixelation problems since I switched to the CM 4248 antenna. Previously I attempted the RS double bow tie as well as one of their rooftop antennas and got pixelation frequently. The CM solved this once and for all. Randy
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