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Samsung LN46A550 intermittent right half screen dark

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I was visiting my parents out of state who own a Samsung LN46A550 they bought 7/2008, it has been having a intermittent problem where screen on right half goes dark and gets lines on it, not sure what to make of this, was down there this weekend and took some pics with my cell phone, am curious what others make of it. Problem has been going on for probably 6 weeks or so.

They say it almost always does this when powering up the TV, often only lasts for 15-30 seconds then intermittently comes and goes while watching TV.

They're using a Denon A/V receiver where source devices are plugged into Denon with HDMI then Denon outputs HDMI to the TV. To simplify things I connected their BluRay player directly to the TV via HDMI on the side HDMI port (different port than the one the Denon is connected to) but still got same problem so definitely TV, not loose HDMI connection or some such. Any thoughts??

They don't have an extended warranty. My parents concern is if they have Samsung come out they'll charge them $100 whether any work is done or not and that the repair will probably be high say $400+ when you can buy a brand new comparable Samsung for $800 and then get an inexpensive extended warranty on it from somewhere like Square Trade.

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bump! anyone have any ideas??
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Check the link below. Looks like the second pic down matches your problem.

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wow, thanks for the link. Any idea what 'TAB' means on the 2nd pic when it says 'caused by TAB'?

So perhaps like CFL bulbs act where they don't go to immediate brightness right away perhaps this one is starting to have problems where it literally takes 10-15 minutes to get fully bright -- and if true I'd think it will eventually fail.

Any idea cost to replace a CFL in a flat screen TV (by repair shop, not me)?
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I know nothing about the repair, someone else posted the link and I like it because we can at least have an idea of what's wrong. Once you have a possible problem isolated, you can call some repair shops to check the cost of repair or call the place at the link. I know nothing about them, but they sell the parts so maybe they can assist with the steps for repair.

There are some tv techs who post here and sometimes they will offer advice.
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Sorry to bump an old thread, but did you get this fixed, I have the exact same issue with a black/darkened screen and trying to resolve it on the same LN46A550 screen.
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Nope, am concerned about having an expensive service call just to be told it will cost $500+ to fix which isn't worth it considering what a newer version of this could be purchased for.
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Sorry for bringing up an old thread, but my tv just **** the bed the same way. It's less than 2 years old and of course I didn't get the extended warranty. Repair shop says it's a defective panle and not economical to fix it. $2100 tv, with a blown pixel when I got it and now this.
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Im having the same issue now with my 4 year old TV. Was anyone able to get theirs fixed? Or did you end up buying a new unit?
I heard Samsung had a class action lawsuit filed against them for similar issues with another model. It might be worth to contact Samsung to see if this model qualifies for the settlement or start a new lawsuit.This is not right. A TV should last longer than 2-4 years
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My 46" Samsung LCD is having the same problem. On another blog the solution involved the "tab bond". Removing the bezels around the LCD display revealed these tabs. The contact of these tabs was not so good. The dark symptons went away when touching the appropriate tab. I will be taking my display apart shortly.
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I too am having the same problem with my 46 in. LN46A550.

Did you take yours apart, if so how did you fair out.
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I had an lnt4069f do this

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I have the same issue with me LN46A550. I am told it may need a new panel. I am hoping that there is a more reasonable fix
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#10 hit this right on the head
This issue seems to be common with this series / date of manufacture
I have a ln40a650
I removed the panel from the bezel, then the metal frame from around the panel
Then there are two ribbon cables on each side feeding to the labels in the back
I picked up the little levers and removed the ribbons and cleaned all sides w high quality contact cleaner (plastic safe)
Then reassembled those
Then using my fingernail I pressed all the ribbon tabs from the top board to the panel down firmly
Reassembled and it is back in business!!
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I recently had exactly the same issue with my five year old 46 in. Samsung. Took it to a repair shop and they told me that it was the panel and was not worth fixing. He told me to go to Costco and buy a new tv and take out the extended 3 yr. warranty (which gives you 5 yrs. in total) and that is what I did. That Samsung lasted me just over 5 years when it started going black along the right side. When I squeezed that right side panel it would clear up temporarily. After about a half hour it would warm up and would have a full picture. It seemed to be getting worse and worse so just 2 weeks ago I went to Costco and bought a 60 in. with the 5 year warranty for $1200. Good deals now at Costco on all their TV's.
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If you don't mind do you think you could go into a little more detail on your procedure?


Specifically starting here "then the metal frame from around the panel"


It would be greatly appreciated!

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