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Input lag on LG 50pk750

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Hello, I have been going through these forums and others learning all that I can about input lag.

I just got an LG 50pk750 and thought to hook my laptop pc up to it. My laptop specs are: Intel core 2 duo 2.8GHz, 4 gigs ram, and Geforce GTX 260M Cuda 1 gig GPU.

The problem I am experiencing is somewhat delayed mouse movement when plugged in through VGA. It isn't a huge difference but it is noticeable. I am not entirely sure if it is just the difference between having such a huge screen to move my mouse across and a regular 22" monitor.

I have noticed the same problem on my parents Samsung LED-LCD (don't know the model, >50" and was in lower 2k range a year ago) when plugged in through HDMI.

I have turned it on to game mode and turned off all the image processing on the tv. It feels normal on my XBox which I thought may just be the difference between playing with a gamepad versus a mouse, but when I played with a USB SNES controller on my computer it felt laggy again.

I have tried to actually quantify the effect with a 30fps stopwatch on both screens but the shutter speed on my camera phone isn't high enough to say anything for sure, though it looks like it may be a little behind.

Is the problem my TV or my computer, and is there anything I can do about it?
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The problem is unfortunately the TV, it could be introducing up to ~90ms of lag if the PK550 is anything to go by. You need to be running at 60fps test, not 30. I'm guessing you were probably using this (which is correct) and just got mixed up or something. Using the flash on lower end cameras often allows them to show the numbers clearly, so you might try that if you didn't the first time. You will also need to disable Windows Aero to get an accurate results. If you do get something legible, post a pic and I'll add your result to the lag compilation thread.
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When I get back from work I will attempt another photoshoot and post the results.
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