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Weight Room Help

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We are in the process of building a weight room at our fire station. In this room we want to have 4 (probably 19" or so) wall mounted LCD tvs, audio receiver that will accept Ipod docking and a blu ray player. Here is what I am looking for is what to get and how to control all of them from a central location. I would love to be able to turn all 4 tvs on and off at the same time with the press of one button and also be able to have the audio receiver control the dvd player too. I guess we will also have cable tv too that will need to be controlled from the same location. Basically we want all the tvs to have the same program on them and to make the operation of the whole system very simple. Any help would be great.
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If you want the same channel on everything, I would just get a cable box or a satellite box, and then get a simple video distribution amplifier and feed the outputs to the 4 TVs. Simple.

I don't see why it's much more difficult to just turn the TVs on and off with a remote, but if you want simple IR control, I would probably just do a simple IR repeater system. That would also help so you could put the cable box and receiver somewhere out of sight as well.

You could then get a reasonable universal remote control to control all the gear in a fairly simple way.

That would be a pretty cheap way to do it.

You could, of course, make it much more complicated, and much more expensive. But I figure cost is a significant concern here...
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