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best game for ds3 "training"?

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we have jumped into the ps3 world, now that the move controller is a reality... no complaints with that, as a matter of fact, it's pretty darn awesome... swmbo actually "wants" to use it, and that in and of itself is a ringing endorsement of the technology...

to the point...

i now need to find something that is a good "training device" for learning how to use the ds3 controller... i'll be able to sit here mindlessly and "practice" until i "get it" and it becomes natural (i.e. hit buttons, move stick, whatever, without "thinking" about it), but she will not/can not... and since she's never learned how to use any controller, i need to teach the old dog a new trick (so to speak)...

wasn't a factor until she came home last night and saw me playing madden, and said "i wanna play too"... so she's gotta learn...

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demon souls.....kidding.

i'd start out with a game like uncharted or uncharted 2. they're bound to get anyone hooked to ps3, imo.

also download the game flower off the psn store. All it uses are the sixaxis controls so she can play it without knowing what any of the buttons do.

also keep in mind that almost all games let you choose the difficulty. make sure she starts on an easier difficulty so as to remove the frustration level.
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i'll pick up one of the uncharted games...

and will download the "flower" game... you hit the "button", so to speak there... that'll be good that she can ignore the buttons... she's always given up trying to learn to use controllers previously, as it's really overwhelming if you've never used one before... i figure if she can use one thing at a time on it, it'll become natural before she knows it...

gotcha on the "easy" mode... i figured that one out, and a good thing too, because i couldn't get the ball out of the backfield until i backed the difficulty all the way off...

as someone who was around for the original pong game when it came out (and WORE it out, no less), it still amazes me what video games are like today...
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also heavy rain is unlike any other game. it would be a good game to familiarize someone with where all the buttons are on the controller because it is really heavy in the qte (quick time events). It shows a button to press, you press it, & an action plays out. the choices you make effect the outcome of the game.

also it is move controller compatible so you guys could check out that aspect as well.
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heavy rain. also sounds like another thing that is pretty much what i'm looking for. added to list.
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I'd also suggest LittleBigPlanet, for a couple reasons: it provides an easy introduction to the controller, but more importantly, you can play it co-op. I think playing a game together with your significant other is terrific fun; it transforms gaming from a solitary activity to a pair-bonding activity.

(And while LBP looks cute, it's not just for kids. It is an amazing game.)
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thanks ted, i'll get that one... co-op play is where i'm trying to get us to in the long run, so that sounds like a good suggestion...

@funky... "flower" = BIG win... she sat there and never moved off the couch until she completed the first level, and likely would have continued had not her stomach decided it needed to be filled... and it "works" very well in getting her to not "think" about the controller, after about half an hour, i could see by watching her that the movements were becoming a lot more natural...

also, i could tell she was "competing" (i.e. searching for all the flowers, and "wanting" to get the trophies and get to the end of the level)... THAT is a big step... it's difficult for a 50'ish person to "learn to compete" (i.e. care about winning, instead of just the process)...

even when i got her the wii, the only thing she'd ever "complete" was the fitness things, and she never really cared if she "won" a game... and the thing has essentially collected dust for the last year, so we are WAY ahead of the curve already here...

keep 'em coming... i picked up the first "uncharted" and "heavy rain" yesterday, i'll fire those up during the week...

thanks again, and thanks for taking the time to help a new ps3 guy and gal out...
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Pick up Uncharted2: Among Thieves. Wonderful graphics and story. Will get you addicted till you are a DS3 master.
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Originally Posted by ccotenj View Post


heavy rain. also sounds like another thing that is pretty much what i'm looking for. added to list.

Uncharted 1 & 2 for you,

As for the Wife, I'd also suggest HR. Although it also has move support, so she might just end up using that.

Maybe Ratchet & Clank: tools of destruction & a crack in time? More cartoony games, but still great games and much easier platformers to learn.
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She might like Rub-adub too. My wife did, and is another no-button-use title. Navigate a rubber ducky through different tubs to pick up its ducklings and avoid the wind up sharks.
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thanks for all the responses... keep them coming...

"ratchet and clank" definitely looks like a must try... cartoony would be good... co-op definitely good...

"rub-a-dub" sounds intriguing as well...

uncharted 2 added to the list... i'm going to try and fire up uncharted 1 or heavy rain tonight and try one of them out...
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The current Ratchet and Clank games don't offer co-op; there's a co-op based one coming out in 2011, but the existing ones are single-player.
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It might also be helpful to start out with games that don't use both analog sticks. Something that will give you both a chance to learn the face buttons and directional-pad (the NES-style pad).

For example, my wife and I love competing against one another at Super Puzzle Fighter and Lumines. She got so good in fact, that I can't win against her now. Both of those games only use the face buttons and d-pad. Quite a few other downloadable PSN titles only use that combination, too.

A good "stepping stone" into using the analog sticks might be one of the arcade style dual-stick shooters like Super Stardust HD.

While a game like Flower is pretty easy to control, it won't teach you to use a controller. It's controls are too unique.

Racing games might also be a good way to get used to the analog stick. Most only require you to use one stick for steering. And you generally just use the triggers to accelerate and brake. Blur is a fun, silly racing game. Dirt 2 and Grid require a little more technique, but they keep the control mechanics relatively simple.

Those are some ideas off the top of my head. Good luck!
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I don't know about co-op but if she liked Flower, take a look at something called "Pixeljunk Eden" (I think that's the right name). Very unique looking casual type game with interesting mechanics. Also, it doesn't look too frustrating, but I have not played it - just seen video.
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I've played PixelJunk Eden a little; it's got co-op, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it as an introductory game. It's kind of abstract, and I think someone new to gaming might prefer clearer indications of goals, time limits, etc. Also, it requires real precision; if you're off by a millimeter, you'll sail right past the thing you're trying to grab, setting you way back in your progress. I think a game that's more forgiving might be a better bet for a new player.
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The only games my non-gamer wife will play are Peggle, Flower, and Wheel of Fortune.
Edit: She'll play Tumble too!
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thanks, and keep them coming...

the analog sticks are a challenge at this point... it would be MUCH easier for me to function with them if i could "swap" them (i'm HORRIBLY right handed, it's really hard for me to get my left hand to cooperate), however, i will "get it" soon enough... we'll see how well she deals with them when we get to that point...

"flower" is still a big win... for both of us, for that matter... talk about a game that lets you just completely zone out...

working on uncharted 1... at least i was able to shoot a few guys...
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Just play on easy/very easy until you get the hang of it.

It's an interactive movie, and as long as the controls don't frustrate you, you'll love it as you get deeper into the story.
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yea, first thing i do when i pop something in is look for the "easy" setting...

i'll stick with it... i'm a patient soul when it comes to learning things i WANT to learn...

it's coming, at least with the analog stick... i ran practice plays for a long time on madden yesterday, and i can at least make my guy go where i want him to go most of the time...

thanks to all for the help and encouragement... and any other suggestions, both for games and/or techniques are welcomed...
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If you're 50ish, you might also enjoy Hall of Fame Pinball: The Williams Collection. 13 realistically presented classic tables on one disc, and the only buttons to worry about are the flippers and plunger (also, nudge if you want to get fancy).

My 40-something girlfriend can't get enough of the PSN puzzle game, Critter Crunch. Very cute, tons of modes, including co-op, and only 4-5 buttons to ever worry about. The Adventure mode starts out super easy and slow, until you get the hang of it.

Her daughter is addicted to another simple co-op game, Pixel Junk Shooter. This is different from PJ Eden mentioned above, and involves the two analogs and two other buttons. Easy enough for an 8 year old.
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