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Long HDMI cable run question

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Hi guys. I know this type of question has probably been asked and answered a ton already but please respond if possible.

I am having a house built soon and need to have my 63" 1080p Samsung Plasma on the opposite side of the room as the rest of my equipment. I basically need to run a single HDMI in the wall to the other side. Not sure of the exact length I need but I know the room is 15' long and the walls are 9' tall so the minimum would probably be a 35' cable, but possibly longer. I would like the put an HDMI input plate on each wall as well and run the cable between that so I can avoid just having a cable hanging out of the wall at each end.

I would appreciate any advise you may have on if this distance is too long, what the best cable would be without spending a fortune, etc.

I have always heard that the high priced cables don't make a difference most of the time, but I have also heard that longer distances are where it might make a difference. I am currently using Monster cables, only because I used to work for Best Buy and got a crazy discount. Otherwise I would have purchased cheaper ones online knowing that the quality is the same usually.

I am open for any suggestions. Thanks guys!
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Everyone who ever owned an hdmi cable probably has an opinion on what they like or opinions about companies who have sold them cables. Personally I do not think 35 feet is an issue, I have built cables that handle that distance with 24 awg cable so I do believe it can be done.


Here is an example of someone offering a 35 foot cable that is CL2 rated, High Speed with ethernet etc. The price seems reasonable. As long as you test it prior to burying it in your walls or ceiling and the company stands behind their product it may well be fine for your application. You can probably get similar prices and claims from a dozen such sources just by searching for 35 foot high speed hdmi. Since it is new construction, having a CM, CL2, or CL3 rating is a good idea. I believe CL2 up is suitable for home usage. No sense violating local building codes if you can help it.

Hdmi wall plates are easy to find and not bad to work with but I would even plug those and any additional cables in to be sure all is well before final in-wall installation.
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If the wallplate locations are assumed to be at a gear location and behind a TV, I would generally recommend running a direct single cable run through a hole plate rather than using an HDMI coupler plate. It would be behind the TV and behind a gear location anyway, so having a coupler plate really is kind of pointless, and if the run is long and you're at the edge of the cliff having two extra junction points could push you over. I would generally just avoid it given how many HDMI failures I've seen.

As far as cabling over distance, depends how accessible the run is. If it's possible you could re-pull another wire later, I might cheap out and get a monoprice HDMi cable. If not, I would go for peace of mind and get the very best HDMI cable bar none which is the belden cable sold by bluejeans.com.

However, I also would ABSOLUTELY pull a minimum of two cat6 runs along with the HDMI for future proofing, and also as plan B so you could use HDMI baluns if you need to.
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