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I spoke with a rep today. He advised that the Explorer 8000 is officially slated for release into the Charlotte market in January but because of issues that have come up in tests in other markets this may be pushed back till May/June... we'll see what happens there. I'm a little more optimistic than the rep... poss. Jan/Feb. The problems that have arisen in other markets have been jumped on quickly by Scientific Atlanta who have issued several software patches over recent weeks.

Also, in Charlotte, Showtime On Demand is scheduled for launch on Nov. 20 with Max On Demand and Movie Channel on Demand due by the end of November. No word on the Free On Demand channels (such as CNN On Demand, Cartoon Network On Demand, etc.) but in other TW markets, these FOD channels have rolled out around the same time as the non-HBO On Demand movie channels so I expect to see the 10+ FOD channel package by the end of the month or possibly 1-2 weeks later.
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We've had the 8000 since November 1st in Columbia,as well as the extra"free" on demand channels.I tried the 8000 for about 2 weeks as a alternative to my TiVo.Lets just say this box sucked,all kind of glitches and its only a NTSC box no ATSC.As for the "free" on Demand channels,they have very limited content and I don't think they have added any content since there launch.Oh by the way we only have CBS-HD ,and PBD-HD.
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Just got TW HD Cable here in CLT. Looks great except for some compression type artifacts I see every so often. I guess that's just something you learn to live with.

I have a quick simple question for the experts here: The Scientific ATL HD cable box that TW gave me for some reason does not output sound on the channels below 60. Is this normal or is my box defective. If this is normal what have most of you done to work around this? Please dont say just not use the digital sound

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Unfortunatly, the channels below 60 are in their old analog system, there is no digital sound or picture for these channels with a few exceptions. (I believe AMC and Comedy Central are two.) I have a reciever that is set to play the analog if no digital signal is present, if you do not have this, then your only choice is to switch to analog. You only get digital if Time-Warner broadcasts it, unfortuatly, on these stations they don't.


Any word on those free On-Demand channels?
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I've got the Digital Coax from the HD Cable box going to DD Receiver: My result is digital channels processed correctly while non-digital (2-70) I do get the sound but all comes out of my left main speaker (sort of a left-mono-thing). The analog audio out of the Cable box goes to the ReplayTV for recording purposes.

My recent problems: more frequent audio dropouts from CBS and now audio has been out of sync as well (though not as bad as ABC). I noticed it more on Monday CBS sitcoms. I guess I should just stop watching their mouths. ABC- I dont know what the deal is there... frequent audio drops and pretty noticable audio out-of-sync problems. Anybody else exp. the same?
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Ok guys, couple of things.

First - Does anybody have any tips for getting WB in HD? I am in an apartment on ground level with other apartments (3 stories high) surrounding me. I am near the corner of Ballantyne and Providence.

Second - Any word on those new technologies from TW? I am very interested in the free On-Demand channels, even though I know these aren't in HD.

Look forward to any help you can lend.
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Here's the very latest information on new service rollout for TW Charlotte.

Free On Demand - this package of 10 free On-Demand channels entered testing and soft launch on January 15th on channels 840-849. If you don't see them yet, you should over the next day or so. Channels include BBC on Demand, CNN on Demand, Comedy Channel on Demand, Food Network on Demand, Cartoon Network on Demand and a few others.

Explorer 800 PVR (personal video recorder) - this new Scientific Atlanta that has been available in several other Time Warner areas is finally about to be rolled out in Charlotte. TW Charlotte have received a delivery of boxes and has issed some to employees this week for testing. Look for customer rollout within 1-2 months.. on the one hand I wish it was sooner but on the other hand there have been lots of bugs with these boxes that customres in other areas have had to put up with. Hopefully by the time customers in this area get the boxes they will work relatively well.
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Is the Explorer 800 PVR a high definition box?
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We have had one of the Explorer 8000 DVR critters for a couple of months now (TWC SC, Columbia) and we are sold on it. My wife uses it exclusively now over the VCR for her daily time shifting. Highly recommend you get one when it comes out and give it a try.

The standard defintion model is the only model I have heard actually rolled out thus far though a HD has been rumored to be in development. While the 8000 still has a few bugs in it, SA is working on eliminating them. How well the box works will depends on your TWC and the firmware version they use and push down to the box (there are a couple of versions out there; here we have the latest it would appear which is dated Dec 15th). Our complaints are relatively minor and lost programs are rare.

For us it is definitlely worth the extra $5/mo over a standard digital box. Its quiet; cool; and seems to work pretty much as advertised with a few glitches. (The Firewire and VCR outputs have not been activated but the coax out does work). Since AVS has no forum on this DVR, may I suggest you all visit this site for more info. Firmware versions and problems are being documented there and discussed there.

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I have been told that TWC Charlotte is going to put the HD All-Star programming on channel 250 this weekend. I believe the first feed begins at 8p Saturday.
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Guys, I'm near the Charlotte/Huntersville border and I'm having a hard time getting a good signal through a Terk indoor antennae.

What do you all use? Also, is there any info on Time Warners website about HDTV? Please post a link.

Any word if they're going to get ESPN HD? I've got DirecTV now, and I'm going to get their HD box soon unless I can't get the channels any better.
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I second the question on ESPN HD and HDNet. HDNet is now on Comast Cable. I am still waiting for FOX, and Discovery HD. I also live in Huntersville, but I use TWC for HD
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The only real reference to HD on TWC's website is in the channel listings (showing which channels are HD). I never did the antenna route and went with TWC. I'm over by Concord Mills. I was close to using the Radio Shack Double Bowtie method discussed here at AVS and at the HTspot but I wasn't ready to buy an HD box. Don't know about stock, you may have to call around at the local RS's.
I've gotten most of my info about TWC's HD offerings by emailing them through their website. You'll eventually get a reply back from Dave Kruger, who has been really great and as helpful as possible with me. I also wish the offerings would increase. Last I heard, DiscoveryHD was "close."
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Just curious, is it posible to get the HD stuff from TWC without getting the rest? I'm really happy with DirecTV and don't plan on leaving.

Does TWC offer HDNet like DirecTV does?
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Tried it already... If you look closely at the channel listings (I haven't in a while so they may have fixed it) the HD channels are colored as apart of the "Basic Package" which I used to have before going all out. The basic package is just the locals and costs only about $8. Wouldn't it be nice... So I tried to call CSR's to get in through the backdoor since they don't generally know what's going on, but it seems that you pretty much have to have the Digital package in order to get the HD stations. I've not seen HDNet on any channels.
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That's typical of TWC. I guess if DirecTV gets ESPN HD, i'll get their receiver, otherwise, I'll stick to the air for now.
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yes you can get hdtv with basic cable but you have to pay a little extra for the hdtv box.its about 9 bucks.its a great option recently added.its not very well known yet though.but it does work if you just want the hi-def!
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If that is true (the Basic cable & HD channels), I need to get on the phone with the TWC folks. Two days ago I got an unsolicited phone call from TWC asking me to sign up for Showtime(s) for $10/mo. for 3 months minimum and I would get a $50 Home Depot Gift card. I declined but asked them about the Basic cable (locals only) with HD channels and the guy asked around to some other people (he seemed like he wanted to help me out) and came back on and told me I had to have digital cable package to get the HD's. Is the "Basic cable" package you refer to the Locals only $8 package? or the $30 channels 2-70 package?
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May have already been posted somewhere else... but I saw in the Charlotte Observer that TWC will be showing the USA Network HD feed of the Masters on Thurs and Fri... I think on channel 250 (which may have been the same one they showed the NBA Allstar game on)... Thanks TWC!
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After weeks of being tortured,watching my brothers dvr box at his place he told me yesterday that its finally available from twc so i got mine!even though its not hi-def its super cool.he says no hi-def ones for a long time and its easy to figure why with the political steam currently blasting about copy protection of hd broadcasts(so i say if at all!)We both really needed this box since we both work late.So I say thanks TWC and you too big brother!(he's the bad one!)
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Well, I don't mind having two boxes (HD and PVR) for now. I hear a newer HD Box (not PVR) is slated for the end of the year, supposed to be a lot less buggier and let you view HD while you're surfing the guide .
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Anyone know if we will be getting any of the NBA games on TWC in High Def? Also anyone hear anything about HDNet, ESPN HD, Discovery HD or Fox Digital? Comcast Cable has all of this now

- Scott
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Twc does have the NBA.TV channel now on ch150.The hd feed for it will be on ch250.The first game is tonight with the Celtics vs Pacers game at 8:30pm.The next games are on the 23rd and 25th.More games may be available but it depends on how the playoffs run. No word yet on the other channels.I've been told its still a negotiation issue.So far I"m for it because I dont want to pay for each hd channel that a network offers!As we with common sense can see that can be dangerous if each channel is allowed to charge for programming.But I'm sure it will all be worked out soon!Is it 8:30 yet!?!
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Channel 250? I can not get it here anyone getting the game in high Def?
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Channel 250 exists all right, just no video! Bah, I should call TW but there's probably no one to fix
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Scientific-Atlanta has just released a new High Definition Cable box, the New-generation Explorer 3250HD set top box.
This new HD cable box has several improvements over the 3100HD box.
The biggest being able to stretch and zoom capabilities for HDTVs
I assume this would mean you would be able to watch full screen non-HD programming via the component mode without having to switch back to the S-Video or composite connection.
You can read there press release at http://www.sciatl.com/news/03Apr07-3.htm
I contacted Time Warner to ask if they plan on upgrading to this new HD set top but they had no idea as to what I was talking about.
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TWC does use the 3150hd from pioneer which is basically the same box just a different provider name.It works great on widescreens and even downconverts hd to sd!Next time ask for the hdtv depatment and they can get one out to you.Its still only a small dept but they do have voicemail and will call you back!
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I just picked up a 3510 from the office. I'll let you know what I think about it. I had the S/A 3100, so I hope this ones an improvement. On a side note, Andre (the High Def engineer) told me the rumor is that there will be a High-Def PVR available by the end of the year. Woo Hoo!
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I just got the Pioneer HD box installed over the weekend (they came out and swapped the box for my Scientific Atlanta box for no charge).

I'm pleased with the new Pioneer box. I like the fact that I can watch non-HD channels in stretch or zoom mode on my widescreen TV (through the component inputs). I also like the fact that I can get info. on HD programming while continuing to watch the HD program. Same goes for the program guide.

Incidentally, I also got the Scientific Atlanta 8000 DVR as well. It's so easy to use that my ever-skeptical wife even loves it. The series recording feature is not nearly as sophisticated as Tivo, but it's great that you can record two shows at once and is signficantly cheaper. I had heard about all the bugs, but so far, in a few weeks worth of use, I haven't had any problems (knock on wood). I can't wait to get the HD version of this box when it becomes available.

Has anyone heard of any new HD offerings from Time Warner?
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