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Onkyo 7300, 7.1????

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DTSo I have a Pn50C8000 hooked up to the Onkyo 7300 HTIB with a PS3 Slim as a blu-ray player.

I was watching gangs of NY last night and the sound quality was great, I set the proper bitstream settings on PS3 so DTS-HD Master shows up on the receiver display, however, it was in 5.1...Does the PS3 slim not output 7.1? or is DTS-HD Master not compatible in 7.1? Maybe Gangs of New York doesnt have a 7.1 soundtrack?

How do I get 7.1 sound besides with All Channels? Can this be done with my current set-up? Do only certain movies have the HD 7.1 capabilities or can this be "upconverted" by PS3 and Receiver combo?

Lastly, is DTS-HD better than DD TrueHD? If so, why? If not, why not? Or is it a matter of personal preference and dependent on the type of material being listened to?

Probably a dumb questions, but I am new to all this tech but I am eager and have so many questions.

Thanks for any help,

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For some reason when I am going through the Audio options, via remote, Cinema Filter is greyed out, it used to be accessible but no i cannot adjust it? What would cause this?

Lastly, when I try and set up the speaksers to BackSurroound (or w/e it is) instead of Zone 2, I lose the two back speakers and the diagram shows only a 5.1 setup? Yet, when I leave it in Zone 2 and Front High, all 7 speakers work. Unfortunately, my speakers are above and BEHIND me so I don't think this is the proper way to operate these speakers (possibly mess with lip sync?), any insights to this as well?

I did read the manual but I admit it is a bit over my head, hence why I am on this site pleading for some help.

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First you can only get 7.1 when the source is 7.1. There's not a lot of movies that are 7.1 surround, just look at the back of the blu ray disc it'll tell you how it was recorded. Also the movie is either recorded in hd master or true dvd or whatever else, so again it depends on the movie as to which one it'll play. Not sure which one is better(although i have a feeling hd master is best).
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It is true that only a few movies actually have 7.1 sound. However, several of the modes on the Onkyo 7300 upconvert 2.0 and 5.1 sources to 7.1. Its pretty clear in the manual.
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To expand 5.1 to 7.1, set your receiver to use a surround mode such as PLIIx. That intelligently reroutes some sound from the surrounds to the rears. It is far better than the all channel mode. Some AVRs cannot apply PLIIx when decoding dts-MA. So check the manual to see if yours has that limitation.

dts-MA and TrueHD do not change the audio. They are simply data compression schemes that work like zip files. Their sole purpose is saving space on the disc. Most Blu-rays use dts-MA. Some use TrueHD. A handful have both. It really doesn't matter since the output using either lossless codec will be the same.

EDIT: I just noticed the original post is from last year.
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How are you liking the 7300?
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