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Oooooops, thought I read you were in Edmonton. Grand Prairie would be about the same as here for finding supplies.

Looking forward to the riser and stage updates.

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Well I haven't updated or worked on the room for a while because we might be selling our home, we have purchased some land out of town and will be building a new home, might not be til next spring, but am struggling on what I should do with the room.

A) Finish room to my original plans by April and enjoy it for a year.

B) Finish room to the bare bones standard, ei: no riser/stage/columns, keep all existing equipment and don't spend anymore money than I have to in order to complete the room.

C) Turn room into just a media room, not a dedicated theater, hang existing projector and install screen on wall. Paint the walls and roof to a neutral color and be done with it.

Finding it really hard since I put in so much work thus far to this point. I could save any materials I have, for the new build in the new house. Or I can complete the room to my plans and offer a fully dedicated room to the new buyers? Would this increase the value of my home? Should i leave the room as is for the new owners to do as they please?

Stuck and need some suggestions!

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I have my old home on the market, with a 6-seat theater, built about 6 years ago (the theatre, not the house). I don't see that it has increased the value of the home at all. In fact, I can make the argument that, at least for some prospective buyers, it is a negative, because they would like to do something else with that space.
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I was a mortgage loan officer several years ago. A home theater is like a pool. It doesn't increase the value of the home. It doesn't devalue the property necessarily, but it narrows down the number of people that may be interested in buying. Some may like it and think it's the greatest thing ever but most people don't care for it. If you're selling the home, I think option C seems to be the most reasonable. Hanging a projector and a screen is completely reversible for any prospective buyer.
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I am struggling on what i should do, the way I have my room setup thus far, I almost need to finish it the way it were planned or else I may be doing more harm than good.

Since I have a complete sound proof shell with little to no holes.

-I still need to build soffit for hvac and electrical.
-I still need to build columns for speakers/cables and electrical outlets/switches.
-I still need to build a light tray off the soffit for lights

So I am basically doing everything I were to do if I were keeping the house. Should I just finish it as a theater room? I know a lot of people are putting theater rooms into there houses and a lot of new homes have them.
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Wow, it's been a while since i've been on here and more importantly time to work on the room. Been busy trying to find a home builder for our new home that we are building next spring, we have friends that are possible buying our house and want the media room finished to my standards, so time to move on as planned.

How far from the screen should i put my front lights? They will be in a light tray as planned. I have roughly planned for 7" from center of light to screen, using 3" lights.

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Good to hear from you. I was wondering how things are going.


I would think 7" would be fine.  I don't have my screen up yet, but I was measuring various distances from light to screen and decided 8'-12" was a good distance.


I'm sure others will chime in who have their lights and screens up.

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Hey it's been another month - how's it coming along?

You've looked at my thread once or twice and left a comment there. Tedd worked hard for me to help me with the layout, and he was big for the AT screen, which I know I'll do at some point, even if it is later.

Anyhow, I ended up putting the screen cans (also 3") about 20" out from my screen wall (21.5" to center of light) - I did lots of experimenting and pointing straight down I liked the look of 6" to 10", and expect an AT space of 12-14" in the future which would put the light at 6". Kind of a compromise for me. I am getting adjustable (gimbal) trims so when I do the screen wall non-AT initially I can point them at the screen, then when I go AT can point them straight down.

I've been thinking lately that is kind of a small AT space, so we'll see what happens in the future, but that's another topic...

Heh, you've probably got the cans in by now anyway!
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Small update. Just got home from 2 week holiday from our home in Orlando. Did a bit if work before we left.

Hope to finish riser, ventilation and soffits this week and then onto stage and columns.
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Please keep following this thread for updates and then my other thread for my future build in my new house starting next spring. Subscribe to both!

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Riser done.

Next is speaker platform and then finish soffits and light tray and wire up all the lights!
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Looks good.  What kind of lights are you using on the steps?

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These guys, got them at 1000bulbs.com, I see they don't have them anymore.
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Stage done. Well more of a speaker platform. I'm building my false wall parallel with the face of platform. So essential there will not be a stage per say.

I cheated too, only filled 2 cavities with sand where the subs will be, the rest is r22 2x6 roxul insulation stacked into two for each other cavity. Since ill be building new house next year, not breaking my back with 45 bags of sand didn't sadden me. smile.gif

Both the riser and platform were covered in 3/4" ply x 2, with roofing felt in between layers as well as under structures. Also there is about 1/4" gap between structures and the walls.
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Trying to come up with my lighting plan, is this to many lights? Not enough? Better way to arrange lights?

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That is similar to my lighting layout, except I only have two lights in the back and four across the front.  My room is about 19 x 23.  I used the small 4" cans with 50 watt halogen bulbs.  It is bright enough with all lights on to come in, pick your seat, clean the room, etc.  Not as bright as a normal room though.



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This room will double as a small play area for kids so that's the reason for 5 lights up front, the back corners might be dark but doesn't bother me and who cares ill be moving next year right!!

Also don't want the front side lights to be to close to screen in case I want the sides on dim, then it doesn't wash out the screen.
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First coat on, trim applied to hide screw holes, applying second coat tomorrow. Gonna try using a microfiber brush to help with roller marks. Using Behr flat black paint.

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Nice inspiration! You have good taste smile.gif
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Got the bottoms on the soffits, time to fill holes and seams then cut in the lights. Then put the face of light tray on and onto columns!

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Everything looks great! The lights should be easily able to keep both the kids safe while playing and create mood before and after movies.
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Got a little bit done today. Cut the holes for the lights and then built and installed the support brackets.

Hopefully I can start glueing and nailing the fronts of the light tray and then prep the surfaces for paint. Then wire in the lights and then start the rest!
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Looking good! I bet it'll be nice to have all the lights functional. I don't know about you, but dragging that shop light around is getting old smile.gif
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Let there be light!!!!

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Soffit fronts on, lights installed, rope light installed(double lines) sanded and ready for priming.

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Update, also for my reference

Paint ceiling and soffits/light tray - 3 coats
paint light gimble trims and vent covers, then install
Build panel door
install both doors
install OC703 on wall, bass traps and cover with fabric
Build screen wall, install screen and make friction fit frames
Carpet riser and floor (Mohawk Casa Grande or Metropolis Square or Artistic Illusions, 286 sq ft)
Install theater seating
Build Columns, wrap in fabric
Install trim around room
Build acoustic panels
Install speakers and projector

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Electrical panel and theater door installed!

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Front OC703 wall and corner traps done.

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Dunno if anyone is following this thread but do I need to cover up the 703 with anything? After I build my panels around my screen with Black fabric, will I see the yellow at all? I guess to keep the fiberglass particles from going anywheres it might be a good idea to cover it.
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Seems like most builds I've seen where 703 is used exclusively behind the screen they have covered it with something. Not sure whether you would see it through the screen/screen wall or not. The stuff I used was dark so I can't say from experience. I might just concentrate on the area in the middle where the screen will be and cover that with something black. Depending on how you are doing your screen wall it may not be too much work to remove the screen and install something after you've had a chance to test it in your space.
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