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Originally Posted by cdika17 View Post

will never use the whole screen because of masking it down to proper size. 120" wide is as wide as it will ever be.

If I understand this correctly, you determined what size 16:9 image you wanted and then came up with a 2.35:1 screen size that could still accommodate that 16:9 image. Is that how you arrived at 160" wide? Why aren't you planning on using any of the extra width for 2.35:1 movies? Your description above makes it sound like you don't plan on going larger that 120" for either format. If that's the case, you could just get a 120" wide 16:9 screen and simplify your masking.
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Im installing OSB right now onto my ceiling channels, can you run the sheets parallel with the channel or are you supposed to go perpendicular?

Figured it would be best to run the first layer of ceiling OSB parallel to the channel and then the second layer drywall running perpendicular (the normal way) to the channel. If the panels should be installed perpendicular to each other for seam overlapping purposes, one layer will obviously have to run parallel to the channel?

I am only a couple sheets in and want to make sure.

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Ugh 5/8 OSB, finally done, on to green glue and 5/8 drywall tomorrow am.a9a6esed.jpg

Chase "Fetch"
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Looks like some good work there. Keep it up.
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Drywall on ceiling is done, doing the walls tomorrow then mud tape guys come Tuesday!
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Few pictures, messing around with panorama option on iphone5.


A bit more sealant to put on then it's on to the walls. Didn't work in room very much today being it's our Thanksgiving in all. Pushed the mud/tape guys to Thursday. Then on to stage, riser and soffits.

Chase "Fetch"
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Drywall finished finally, ugh, should of just hired it out. Got a guy coming to mud and tape this week, if he will still come! Cancelled like half dozen times already.7ahupedu.jpg

After mud/tape/sand ill spray on a coat of primer sealer on everything then get to work on riser then soffits then sand filled platform for behind screen where speakers will sit, not doing a stage.

Chase "Fetch"
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I bet it feels good to get that done. Looks great. Hope your finishing guy doesn't flake out on you so you can keep things moving. What made you decide against a stage?
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I like the clean look of no stage, like chartrands build, couple pics for reference.

Also a stage is more inviting for the kids to go up and play on near screen, after all the time/effort/money, id be little irritated if I came home and there were holes or something in my screen, just personal preference i guess.

Ill still have a platform similar to Chartrand, using roofing felt with 2x10"s filled with sand and double 3/4" plywood. If i have enough green glue ill throw some on between layers.

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what size image did you arrive on
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Well I am still kind of researching, which I do way to much of and looking like a 2.37 130" wide Seymour, this will give me a 110" Dia 1.78 image for sports and gaming and is the size I currently was using, I didnt want anything smaller than 110" dia as I thought that was perfect for my room for 16:9 viewing and then ill get the added bonus of a 130" wide scope screen which will be sweet for blu rays. The 2.35, 2.37, 2.40 ratio debate is still on going but more screen suppliers are coming out with the 2.37 ratio and must be on something for projectosr with CIH zoom abilities.
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I use an anamorphic lense and I'm at the shorter throw range, so I have a 2.41 image (i.e. slightly skewed).

In my opinion, go large 2.4. This sounds terrible, but with 1.78 I still keep my lense in place - because it fills the screen (by zooming) and crops a little bit off the top and bottom. That's how much I don't care about 1.78 anymore!

Once you see epic movies in larger than life, you won't want to go back...

You want to talk about researching it took me 2 years to buy my projector, and now 5 years to build it's room (researching how to do it). My carpenter that's helped me do some things thinks I'm crazy and wants to know what it's all about.

I told him recently he will be disappointed because once my room is finished it's not like I'm actually going to use it, I just like building it out.
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I mostly watch sports, i'd say 50% sports/tv, 40% movies & 10% gaming. So a decent sized 1.78 image is a must also for the kids and there kinect/wii. But want the 130" scope for movies.
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Here are some more sketchup designs of scheme and looks:

Almost looks to boring to me but who knows, different panel layout and possibly another added color would spruce it up or a nice offsetting carpet to bring it all together. The more you deviate from nice long panels the more work it becomes, so it will come down to how i'm feeling during the home stretch.


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Another idea:

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FWIW I don't particularly like the lighter tan. I really like what you've got going in post 108.

Not to mention you'll make a career out of putting fabric on that door!
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The wife thinks just black and brown are boring and thinks adding another color would look better. So I'm trying to amuse her. Maybe more panel designs with the 2 colors similar to my first render and same idea as bacon race.
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Mud and tape finished!!!

Gonna start primer/seal hopefully tomorrow, then on to the flat black paint everywhere.

Would it be preferable if I used Behr Premium Plus Paint & Primer in one?

I will be spraying it on with this:

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I would recommend priming it with a new drywall primer/sealer first and then a high quality paint for the areas that will not be covered by acoustic treatments.
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PVA drywall primer normalizes the absorption rate differences of the drywall paper and the mud, and it is cheap. will help the paint look more uniform.
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And can I spray on primer or should i roll it?
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Roll it. You need the primer to make good contact with the drywall. If you wanted to you could spray it and backroll it. Probably easier just to roll it the first time.
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Ugh, hate painting frown.gif

I almost had the mudder/tapers do it but they are busy now.

Off to HD in the morning.

BIG, there are not many positive reviews on PVA drywall primer, wonder why that is. Thinking I may go with the behr stuff.
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I had good luck with Sherwin Williams drywall primer. Added a tint to make it dark. Went on really well. Gets a thumbs up recommendation from me.
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Originally Posted by vanice View Post

I had good luck with Sherwin Williams drywall primer. Added a tint to make it dark. Went on really well. Gets a thumbs up recommendation from me.

2 coats?
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I'm trying to remember. I think I only did one good coat because I was covering most of the walls with fabric and what wasn't covered was going to be black. Worked so well that my wife wanted to use the primer color elsewhere in the house.
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The primer probably got bad reviews because the people who bought it didn't understand what it was for. That, and it's Glidden smile.gif

Seriously, the primer soaks into the board.. you will still see all the mud joints and nail holes. But that's what it's supposed to do.

You can definitely spray it.. the stuff will soak in, no need to roll.

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Lame update but 2 coats of primer on!!

Now waiting for my table saw to arrive and I can start the rest.
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Fantastic so far, very informative and it's going to be fantastic when done. BTW northern Alberta boy here too, just 5 hours further north of you. biggrin.gif

Just starting my build(not nearly as involved as yours) and if you think its hard in Edmonton to get supplies try up here.

Hope to see an update soon.

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I'm in Grande Prairie, hope to start riser and stage next weekend.
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