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Dan's man cave project - Page 4

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Just got this link from the local newspaper about the article they did on my build. They decided they would put it on their online edition. Feel free to check it out if you want. I tried to mention this site by name to get some pub for it but he didn't list the site itself just made a reference to it.

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Looks awesome, you need a projector down there!!
Where did you get the custom glasses?
Just wanna warn ya up front the mini helmet collection is an addictive thing. Check the pictures of my basement........bad news!! I just bought four today!!

Can ya give any more info on the juke box?
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Thanks, I considered a projector but with the low ceiling and location of the big tv I decided against it for now.

My brother in law had a dozen pint glasses etched by a friend of his for a bar warming gift. Beer tastes so much better out of them. lol.

I already know about the helmet addiction. I'm now working on all the MLB mini helmets. (Even if it does mean putting something Yankees in my mancave). My wife bought a pair of 150 dollar tennis shoes and when I told her it was stupid to spend that much on shoes she started doing the math on my helmets, which led me to telling her 150 bucks was a bargain for shoes.

The jukebox is albumplayer. I looked at alot of different programs but most the guys on here used that one. Just a touch screen monitor hooked to a computer behind the wall with all my mp3's and then wired to my stereo receiver. Probably one of the coolest things I put in there. At least it seemed so on my suprise 50th when it played for 10 hours straight.
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