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0 gauge on an SX500.1 running 4 tweets?!

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I did a lot of driving around today, I kept the HU off and the amp on: it stays cool. So at the least i am actually pushing a lot of power to them, and possibly even clipping the amp. I have 8 gauge on it now, Im gonna have to change it to 0 gauge. 2nd, I disconnected the new set and just played the old. They started to break up a bit at my normal listening volume, not surprising as 1 pair @ 4 ohms gets much more power than 2 pair @ 2 ohms... but I changed both crossovers to 16K and it made a huge difference. So I think once I get the other tweet and swap it, leave them at 16k, and go to 0 gauge power wire they should at least be safe.
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Here is my partial thought on all of this...

tweeters only pull a tiny fraction of amplifier power. It just doesn't take much to move those lil guys. Try AC amp clamping a speaker wire and seeing what kind of amperage you have on that tweeter/s then measure the voltage. Do this with a number of tones. Basically I am saying that 0 gauge by rights, should not make that amp run cooler. But if it works, I will be scratchin my head wondering why.

Also the wattage per speaker should be almost the same whether you are running 2@ 4 ohms per channel or 4@2 ohms per channel. The difference in output related to wattage per speaker would be ~1db. now that you have doubled the speakers... That gains you at least 3 db and also the wattage was "doubled" by going to a 2 ohm load so you gain a bit there.
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I really dont want to bump the gauge uness I really have to, theres not enough room to squeeze it in there, I barely got 8 gauge between the 2 amps. But if thats why it's hot...and thats why the tweeter popped, clipping... I must. I had the amp on all day and it stayed cool. When i run the tweets, it gets hot. Same situation as the 850.4's... bumped up the power and ground to 0 gauge, much better, much louder, less clipping. Just like a single 850.4 should have been overkill for four 7" drivers but now running two still isnt enough. I am still amp limited on the extremis!
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man, it sure sounds like you have some type of short in your tweeter wiring... cuz i agree with the previous poster, it doesn't make a lot of sense what you are seeing...
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thats what I have been wondering... i got 3.2 on the DMM with the weet, same as the other tweets
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hmm... i wonder if the power wire itself is shorting... what does the dmm tell you there?
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the amp digital ready out gives me 14.4-14.6 running
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I crawled back in there today to change from 8 gauge to 0, but its already 4 gauge!
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