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Denons AVR-3311 offers wo niceremote controls, but I do have poblems in controlling such external devices:

- HD Tuners, i.e. von Vantage, seems to be not available.
- in case similar equipment form the same manuifactures needs to be contrlled, i.e. a BD player and a DVR from Panasonic, each of them can be selected when configuring the RC entries with a different code. In reality, the RC signal sent out controls both devices simultaneously: In case I try to switch off te BD, the DVR is swtched off as well.

The original RC of such devices offers to change the control set to SET2 or SET3 so that only one device is addressed by an RC signal, but in that case the Denon RC isn't able to address that devie any more.

Any idea from the experienced on how to solve these probems?