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Here is a preview of the entrance I have been working on. Still very much a work in progress, but it is starting to take shape...

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That looks great!

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That is going to be a grand entrance! Really like how the top portion turned out. Very well done. The side panels remind me of stockmonkey2k's build.
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Looking great!
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Sweet Entrance Ben.... !!!
Cant wait to see the exit:tongue.gif

No kidding.. fantastic job on every detail..
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Tricked out. Nice!
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I've been reading through your build and I am thoroughly impressed! biggrin.gif. Really awesome job !
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Thanks for all the compliments guys - much appreciated! I haven't had time to do much more on the entrance recently but I am starting a bedroom reno project. Adding crown molding was a good excuse to by a new saw for the theater column trim. (And please excuse the crazy mess in my garage! The saw is also helping me build some new garage storage shelves to fix this mess.)

80' of crown ready for install...

And I needed a ladder to install the crown...and 400lbs. of salt for the water softener. Did it all fit in an Acura? Pffff. Easy!! (But I think my next car may be a truck anyway.)

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Nice saw. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on it.
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I'm a little late to the party, but that entrance looks amazing!
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You better get a move on!! tongue.gif I'm dying to get another look at your theater again. That DTS10 was awesome. Just when I thought I was happy with my subwoofer, you had to come along and show me how much better the Daney is. eek.gif
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Sorry to Interrupt. Was searching for finished Marquee's and stopped here by mistake....wink.gif
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Haha ok Brad you're right - I'm not even going to try to explain this one away! I have been really delinquent. smile.gif

Here's the current situation...I finished the trim on the columns, but I need to finish the top of the marquee. (I don't love the way the trim came out - I would do it differently if I had it to do over again. I would make the bottom more beefy and the top slimmer.) I'm also working on two more poster frames for the other side of the HT entrance.

I also found a cool metallic paint for the door. I think I am going to use the steel gray color.

I haven't been completely stagnant though. My house is only 12 years old but previously belonged to an older couple...let's just say we had differing tastes. The place is a beige palace. Beige walls, beige carpets, beige CEILINGS. Yes, everywhere. So I have been working on that. I started with the master bedroom.


I added LED recessed lights, crown molding, a new ceiling fan, blinds, in-wall speakers (much thanks to TMcG for some advice on that front) and painted. This pic was taken before the doors were painted and before I changed about a hundred hinges and door levers from brass to nickel. I have 1,000 sqft. of hardwood flooring going in the bedroom and living room next month, along with another 700 sqft. to be refinished. I hired that job out though!


I installed a powerbridge behind the TV but I still need to add an outlet in the closet where the electronics are housed (to the right).

Furniture is on the way as well. New bed, table for under the TV, and chair for between the windows.

Painters start in the rest of the house in 2 weeks. Yes, there's more beige. A lot of it.
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Originally Posted by AirBenji View Post

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Just tryin to keep ya honest Ben..tongue.gif Although I have no right talking smack when it comes too getting things accomplished. cool.gif

Nice Job on the bedroom, I suspect the wood flooring will be another dramatic change..

Coincidentally, eek.gif we picked out the very same brand of metallic paint (from Dunn Edwards, since found it cheaper on Amazon) for some niches at the end of the halls, The best looking metallic/ pearlescence paint I've found. Just a tip.. we painted the first niche and weren't very happy with it because the roller marks were obvious.. talked to the guys at D E again and they recommended adding the Modern Masters Extender... Made all the difference!

Just a thought on your column bases.. Take the same trim and rip ~ 1" off the bottom then double stack over the current base to beef it up..May give you what your looking for with a little extra detail.

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Ben, just got myself up to date on your thread. Wow! your build really came out awesome. Sorry to hear about your water issue, glad it wasn't a total disaster. Love the entrance you're adding! Amazing!
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Thanks for the comments guys - and TMcG, I snarfed my morning coffee while watching that clip. smile.gif

A minor update on some more progress throughout the house. As I mentioned previously, there was beige. A lot of it. We started here (I already put primer on the mantel, and yes it's hard to tell in the pics, but that ceiling is beige too):

My intention was to have two colors - the main room in gray and then the two hallways on the right in a slightly lighter shade of a similar gray. If I had it to do over again, I would have had a little more difference between the two colors. It's amazing the tricks light can play. Sometimes (like in the pics) you can't even tell that they're different colors, and other times it's obvious. Anyway, here are the results.

It took them 3 coats to turn that beige on the ceiling back to a nice crisp white...

I was so happy with the way the ceiling came out that I had them do my kitchen ceiling as well. (That translates into "I don't want to paint three coats of anything on the ceiling.")

Then it was on to the fun stuff. Some color:

And the finished product:

I also replaced every doorknob and hinge in the house. Wow that was a ton of work and $ just to get rid of that ugly brass stuff. Glad it's done though.

Hardwood floors start in 2 weeks...really excited for that. I am working with the contractor now on mixing up a stain that I like. I think it is down to two options, both from the Minwax Duraseal line: either 1) dark walnut or 2) jacobean with 25% ebony mixed in.
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