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Revel HT system

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Edited by rich wu - 3/24/13 at 11:37pm
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Nothing modest about. Great looking set-up and I bet it sounds fantastic.
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Wow, those speakers look amazing. Your "modest" setup emasculates mine.
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Nice room got very nice equipment especially the speakers.

Regards Lino.
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wow,i agree very nice looking spakers love the finish on them,great room
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Impressive! How do you like the X1 paired with the Krell monos?

Again, gorgeous setup!!
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Wow very nice. I don't see what is modest about it. I can see how awesome it is though.
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Your system is "modest" in the same way a Porsche Cayenne is a modest SUV. That is to say, not modest at all. I appreciate the modesty on your part though but you have spectacular gear. Just because it's not in a true home theater doesn't make it any less so. I love those speakers. Gorgeous. I bet music sounds freakin' amazing. I'm jealous.
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Really nice. I can only think about having Krell amps. I guess, I will get of that daydream and get back to the Onko reality.
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Very impressive equipment, must off cost a good chunk of $$$$ Denon bluray/Pioneer Elite Kuro = HEAVEN Awesome speakers aswell, I don't know about the look of those three big (amps)? on the ground though,other than that it's sweet.
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Very nice "modest" setup.
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Originally Posted by rich wu View Post

Thanks for the kind words. It took me a few years to get to this level but it nowhere near the systems I have seen on this thread.

My systems sounds pretty good but I need to work on room treatment.

The Pass X-1 preamp works well with Krell amps. It takes the edge off yet still sound very dynamic and lively. I am actually considering upgrading to either XP-10 or XP-20.

The Krell amps are pretty big sitting on the floor. I have tried Ayre MX-R amps which are smaller but it just didn't sound right with the Salon 2s.

The XP-20 gets rave reviews from everyone. It's also on my short list of gear to audition. I just need to make some time for another road trip to Reno...
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Very beautiful and clean setup, love all the amplification power you got there. How does the hardwood perform for the acoustics, i would guess there would be some reflections?
The carpet you would help some of that i'm sure but generally wondering on how the room sounds.
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Pioneer Elite Kuro 151 65" plasma? I didnt know Pioneer made a 65" version of this set?
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I have the same TV, but mine only came as a 61"...
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I also have the same TV. If I knew they made a bigger version of it, I would have picked it. Nice setup by the way rich wu. Nothing modest about it!
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It was purchased as a 60" and I had it custom stretched to 65" .
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Ha! Ive been getting my chain yanked, nice!
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Originally Posted by rich wu View Post

I have a rug in front of the speakers to reduce reflection and it does help. The curtains and soft furnitures also help but I do need to some acoustic panels.

Covering the plasma screen with foam was by far the most effective and it really helped lock in the imaging.

Nice, when you look at first reflection panels, also check out bass traps. I recently introduced them in my setup and it made a huge difference in tightening up everything.
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Nice gear and beautiful set-up I have the highest respect for Revel loudspeakers and yours look fabulous.
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Modest my foot - This set up is Bad Ass!!!
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Rich, can you describe the differences between the Pass x10 and the Audio Research? Thanks!
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Thanks for the input Rich, I appreciate it!
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