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Originally Posted by mystic_sniper28 View Post

looking at those sub boxes I would suggest 1-2.5' off the primary wall, so you'll be looking at a false wall at 2.5-3' or may be 4'..

you could insulate the boxes a bit though I'm not sure if that would help your situation, I would say it might be better to dome the wall behind the subs might help deflect some of the reverb noise...

I'm not sure what you are trying to get at. Those boxes aren't for my subs, they will be my LCR's and will be flush mounted into the wall. I don't have the length in the room to do a false wall 3-4' from the rear wall, so my screen will be directly on my wall but spaced out a little to leave breathing room for the LCR's.

Also, what is my situation to where I might need insulation in the boxes?
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Not too much progress in the room yet though, this week I'll be working on the stage. I did finally finish my screen though, I''ll post pictures in the next few days and the LCR's are almost done. I recieved the Duratex in the mail the other day so I need to finish sanding the cabs so I can paint them!

In the mean time though, I'm going to order a nice big dehumidifier for the basement, 80 % RH can't be too good
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Finished reading your thread and just noticed you're in Enfield too

Your build is looking great so far, can't wait to keep reading the progress.

And you are spot on with the dehumidifier, I grabbed one off craigslist last September (barely used, still had original tape on side) and it's made a tremendous difference in the basement.
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Wow! You're so local, that's cool!

Thanks as well, progress is slow unfortunately but its getting there.

Tomorrow I might place an order for a dehumidifier, we'll see though :-)
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So, small update, pictures to follow (even though I already said that about the screen and no picutrs yet )

Let's just say I spent quite a bit of money in quite a little bit of time tonight... projector and seats are damn expensive!! But should be worth it

Also, my stage is almost done. My speakers and subs will NOT be on it so I'm not going too crazy with the design, just 2x4 frame and plywood top. I need to find some tar paper to put between it and the wooden floor and then make the top.

Once I get the projector and seats, I can then calculate my riser height and where the projector will be mounted.

I also had can lights for the screen wired in along with an outlet for my gear and a switch for the lights

Stay tuned for snap shots!
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You might want to fill the stage with insulation. Otherwise, it might act like a resonant cavity.
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Oh geez, I forgot to add that in there, yes I will be filling the stage with insulation. Thanks for catching that :-)
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Just a couple update pictures as promised...

2" PVC piping I am running for speaker wires and HDMI cable...

4 can lights installed...

Stage built and installed. The top was almost done, should be all together by the end of this week...

Without screen...

With screen

Screen is 2.40:1 at 114" diagonal, built on 1"x4" pine and wrapped in the least expensive velvet that Jo-Anne's had :P The screen material is Seymour's Center Stage XD, I had them cut it at an angle just to make sure moire wouldn't be a problem. Btw, I had such a hard time making the material nice and tight when stapling it to the back of the frame, what a PITA!!!

My Panasonic projector should be here tomorrow and the seats sometime next week along with a Panasonic Blu-ray player. Within the next couple of weeks, hopefulls I'll have my riser built and some wires ran along with finished LCR's!

Stay tuned
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Nice pics, looks like you are progressing well.
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I did get my projector today, what a BEAUTY!!! I want to fire it up so bad!

I do have a question regarding the Panasonic. In the manual, it shows a maximum throw distance of about 23' at 16:9 but only 18' 8" or so with a 2.40:1 image, why the difference? I guess I'm only stumped because when using Projector Central's throw distance calculator, the throw distances don't change if I go from 16:9 to 2.40:1. I was hoping to have my PJ near the back wall to be behind the rear row of seats but it's getting close to maxing out zoom according to the Panasonic manual... Hmm.

On a better note, seats will be here tomorrow!!
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Originally Posted by Digital_Chris View Post

In the manual, it shows a maximum throw distance of about 23' at 16:9 but only 18' 8" or so with a 2.40:1 image, why the difference?

Using the zoom method for 2.35:1, you're basically shooting a 16:9 image of the same width (and ignoring the top and bottom bars that shoot beyond the 2.35 frame boundaries). To determine throw range for 2.35:1, use a 16:9 image the same width as your 2.35:1. For example, my 2.35:1 is 136" wide; the equivalent 16:9 would be 136" x 76.5", or 156" diagonal.

Edit: adjust for 2.4 as necessary ;-)

Edit edit: screen looks great, and congrats on all the new toys
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Thanks for explaining that to me brad, it makes sense now. And thank you for the comments, I received my seats today as well, more toys! YAY!
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What seats did you get?

I was surprised what a PITA HT recliners are to drag around and get into position. Have fun with that!
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Lol, luckily, these seats are lighter than most full size reclinable's. I bought them from Midwest Theater Seating. I originally wanted the red ones but I wasn't sure how "bright" they would be in person so I decided to go with the burgundy. I think I made a good choice

Looks like I have some work ahead of me, lol

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Welp, the riser is coming along good. After half way through, I wish we framed it differently but it should be pretty solid as is. I recieved more speaker wire yesterday so I will probably run more today. Got my HDMI cable to run to the projector and my framing buddy is coming back over this evening to guide me with more of the riser build, maybe even complete it

I will keep this updated, stay tuned!
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Success!! Riser and stage are complete! I took some pictures but didn't get to post them before I left for work, I will get them up this afternoon. I also got all of my speaker wire pre cut. Next step is to put up some more PVC for the wires, build my soffits to hide the PVC on both walls and to finish my damn LCR's... what a slacker I am!

I am also in the middle of figuring out what to do for sound treatments. I think I've decided on keeping it simple and going for a few 2'x4' panels from 2" thick OC 703 or similiar, 2 on each side of the room to control the first order reflections and maybe a few on the back wall, still not sure though. Also, I think I'm going to treat the complete front wall but not positive if it's necessary with my LCR's being flush mounted. If anyone wants to chime in on that subject, I would be ever so greatful.

Also, in the rear corners, I'm going to do the 24" super chunk bass traps. The larger ones will just take up too much room, the room is small as is so I'm trying to keep the treatment as simple and effective as possible.

If anything comes to mind about my plan so far, feel free to chime in
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I have only my front wall treated and it made a big difference. It is recommended. I used r-13.
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How did you "attatch" it to your wall? If and when I treat my wall, it's needs to be asthetically pleasing.
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The soffits are another good place to hide bass trapping (if you leave part of it only covered with fabric).
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Ahh, good idea Brad, maybe I can do some sort of babychunks under the faux soffits down the whole length of the room

On the note of room treatment, in a fairly well treated room, will the sound coming from the speakers sound less harsh at louder volumes than an untreated room would?

I ask because when I listen to movies in my untreated living room, I can crank up the volume pretty loud but the higher frequency peaks can be harsh to the ears, almost souding too loud but more or less just very harsh. I was hoping that my treated theater would sound nice and loud without that harshness..

What do you think?
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I stapled the FG to the wall. My screen and masking is 4" from the wall so it covers it. I don't remember what you have planned.

Re: high freq harshness...do you have Audyssey or your speakers EQed? I don't think treatment will affect that, only reverb, intelligibility and tightness of bass....but I certainly could be wrong!
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Yeah, I have them EQ'd by Audessey only. I was hoping that my treated HT will sound better than my non treated LR. The speakers in the LR seem to handle the volume I crank them to, just too harsh at louder/higher freq levels. :-/
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Originally Posted by Digital_Chris View Post

On the note of room treatment, in a fairly well treated room, will the sound coming from the speakers sound less harsh at louder volumes than an untreated room would?

Yes, it can help - an untreated room with a lot of hard surfaces can sound fatiguing due to all the extra reverberation. And speaker calibration helps too (Audyssey, MCACC, etc.).
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That's what I figured Brad, thanks for that

Although, all of this talk in the "Acoustical Treatments" thread is getting to be wayy to heavy for me, I can't take it!!!! I'm think I'm going to stick with my original plan and completely treat the front wall, do 1" or 2" panels at the first reflection points on the sides and back wall along with come superchunk style corner traps and then hopefully be done with it. I don't have the drive to be so detailed and perfect with the treatments but I still want a good sounding room. Am I trying to have my cake and eat it to? :'(

On a more sad note, my house was out of power today due to a nasty little rainstorm, so, all of the work I wanted to do today, I could not do. Tomorrow is another day I guess

Oh snap! I didn't get progress pictures up yet... Tomorrow I will post the completed riser and stage!
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Your acoustic treatment plan is pretty much what is recommended. The thicker you go for absorption, the better. If you look at the absorption spreadsheet you'll see that regular insulation works better than the OC 7XX stuff at lower freqs...and at higher freqs if it is slightly thicker.
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Good to know, thank you sir

What about the pink insulation, it works better with the lower freq because it's less dense? Hmm...

Well, I got more progress done today! I cut out my center studs and made the "shelves" for the LCR's! I SUCK with posting pictures so I apologioze, tomorrow maybe? Well see
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Yes, I'm talking about the pink stuff. I have r13 on my front wall and it was only $30. Works great.
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Oh, on that note, the R13 insulation as is, is about 3.5" thick or so, correct? In that case, would you advide against squishing it down and making 1"-2" first reflection panels filled with this stuff or should I maybe stick to 703 for those panels?
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You can squish down the R13, but it will be a bit messy. Also, you need to use something AT/audio transparent for the front of your panels like GOM/fabric. If you compress the R13, it will just bounce back and push against your fabric to make it lumpy and ugly. Either use 703 for 1 or 2" thick panels or use R13 in 3.5" thick panels.
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I would stick with the OC 703 or equivalent rigid Fiberglas for the panels - but lower density / floppy stuff will work OK for bass traps - I used Roxul AFB for example, much cheaper than 703 where I am, but much easier to cut than pink fluffy stuff.
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