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The xB was nice I suppose...
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I'm enjoying this season more than the first two. Has it been 2?
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I have to admit that these last two episodes have been pretty darn fun to watch. I'll even go so far as to say that the "Apocalypse" episode was actually better than the UK version...and this is coming from a long -time fan of the UK version. Things I liked:
  • Rutledge "losing a ball" was just freakin' funny
  • Racing the Stig to survive? very cool
  • The "magic eye"...oh my smile.gif

And then the latest one (Mammoth Mountain) was really good as well:
  • Rutledge going for a coffee and French toast was great
  • I think the guys are starting to really get each others mannerisms down - which makes it enjoyable because instead of just making fun of each other it's more like friends giving each other a hard time (BTW, this is also a strength in the UK version)

All-in-all I think they're starting to hit their stride now. Nice.
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Its nice to hear Top Gear has been getting better since i haven't had a chance to watch this season, at least they're doing better than The Weather Channnel or should i say The Long Form Channel tongue.gif
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The stunts in this show is just horrible IMO. I was totally turned off with the episode where Adam was given control of the episode and whole football segment was dumb and uninteresting. The last episode with the ultimate SUV was tolerable but it seems they need to add childish antics to keep to keep audience entertained. Cheese all the way around.
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Look for an amphibious car challenge in the next series.

The boys have been in town (Buffalo) all week filming in one of the harbors.

Good luck to them if they try to cross the Niagara River - Rutt will end up going over Niagara Falls
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it was cool to see what the did.

It irked me when they kept referring to the one water location as the bay. That's the outflow of the Niagara river. If they had went the other way they'd really need the coast guard in just a few miles. (class 5 rapids)
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Tonight's episode titled "Fully Charged" looks interesting. It's about test driving three electric vehicles.
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I want a model S.
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Wrong thread.
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