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Thanks for the quick reply. That is reassuring that the price of repair was really reasonable. I have already heard from Tom today. (Great Response) He sent the image to the factory guys for analysis. Might be something that can be fixed in the US. Feeling a little better about it now. I do have one complication of soon we will be traveling and I don't want it coming back with no one to receive it.

How did you ship it to Taiwan? UPS? FedEx?
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I shipped it DHL. I used the factory's account and they just billed me the cost. It was cheaper than shipping it myself. If I shipped it myself, DHL was going to charge me close to $600 one way! I didn't look into fedex or ups.
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Shipping companies have lower rates they give large account shippers so it often makes sense to use their account if you can.
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Thanks all. Looks like the company is doing what it can to help out. That does make me feel better. I use this so much that it is difficult to be without. Not so many hours but almost every day. I know I am going to be unhappy with the picture when I hang the Dwin today but, at least have a spare. I really like the picture the Vango throws.

I like that I don't worry about calibration as well.

It is good to have the support of this forum when problems arise. Especially, for me here in a wasteland for higher end audio/video.
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Hi Kevin,


I'm experiencing the same issues you described here...The projector shutting down randomly, rebooting and trying to sync up.  I'm curious if you've continued to experience this issue or not.  If not, what you've found to be the root cause or fix.


I reached out to Tom at EE and he had me go through a serious of tests.  This included different inputs and a different HDMI cable.  I was able to replicate the issue every time (but not always immediately).  At first I suspected that it was the long (40ft) redmere HDMI cable or my Marantz receiver not being able to process the info.  But I tested with a new HDMI cable and bypassed the receiver and the issue happened again.


Tom suggested that I send the unit to the manufacturer in Taiwan, which I did.  They couldn't replicate the issue, but they replaced the power board/cable and fixed something on the video board.  I'm expected to get the projector back this week, but was curious if your issues was resolved since it sounds ideniticle to my problem.  I'm hoping that my efforts to send the projector to Taiwan wasn't a waste.



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Sorry Kevin, to be more clear, i was reading your post back in November 2012 and that's the exact issue that I've been experiencing.

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This is my second time around for problems. My earlier problems were different and fixed under warranty by Tom. It has been working well for about a year and a half since the fix. This time what you see in the photo is the problem. It exists even when I turn all the other things in the chain off. The project stays on and does not fade but you get the lines across the picture from the second it starts up. Tom suspects that video board. He has sent my photo on to the factor for analysis.

I have about a 30ft HDMI cable but it has never been a problem. Got a good quality one from Blue Jeans Cable. I have a Marantz Pre/Pro feeding it and a Lumagen Radiance Mini between the Marantz and the Vango.

Don't know it that helps. Not sure which board he replaced the first time but everything has been fine up until last night.

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Hi. Kevin. Sorry about the problems. I will monitor this thread but I think contacting Tom and doing what he says is the best course of action at this point. It does sound like a bad component or two on a board and in today's fix it world one get's a new board instead of fixing the problem on the board. not much I can personally do here
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Tom fixed the first problem and I had no problems with the projector for the last year and a half. Not sure what he replaced but he did have to wait on a board. The November 2012 issue was a handshake issue but it seems that it was the cable box. Got a new one from the cable company and that went away. I have a tivo from them now and it has not been a problem. The handshake issue resulted in problems with the projector but after trouble shooting to isolate the problem, it was the cable box generating the errors. (Tom helped me reaffirmed my diagnosis, great guy) I do have to restart the Radiance Mini now and then as it seems to get confused.

Did I say before that I hate HDCP? smile.gif

Hope this is clearer.

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Thanks Kevin,


I'm curious as to what exactly Tom fixed the first time.  Hopefully what the factory fixed solves the issue.  

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Thanks. You AVS guys are always on top of things.

As you know, Tom is a great guy and is already looking into it. I will be hanging my old Dwin this afternoon so to get back in business.

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I just looked back in my emails and Tom just said he had to order a board. He did not say which one.

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Man. If I moved my horse and buggy into my HT my wife would be pissed. Dwin seems like a 100 years ago. Remember the battle cry that lives on in infamy. TWO MORE WEEK! What they said for about 6 months while many waited for the new model.
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I do remember that well. I just feel lucky that I held onto it for a backup. I almost let it go last summer to electronic recycling.

Will put off watching any movies on it but for TV is is passable. The wife is not near as critical as I am but maybe she does not say anything because it upsets me even more that my good projector is broken.

Thought about setting the Dwin up for a golf simulator in my garage but lighting would be an issue.
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At least in Anchorage this time of year you don't have to worry much about ambient light from the outside. Could be worse. you could live in Kotzebo (excuse the spelling). A tribal town just north of the Artic circle. Been there as well as Anchorage. But only in the summer.
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I have flown in and out of Kotz a few times. Never stayed though.

Problem in Anchorage this year is warm weather. Makes much ice.
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Thanks Kevin, Hopefully it was the power board.  The factory replaced that and the cable for me.

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I ate lunch there, got my north of the Artic circle certificate but then nighted over in Nome.
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Thanks you all.

I will keep you apprised of the situation.

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Waiting on parts. I hope the New Year celebration is not too long over there.

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So, you've been using your Dwin for a month? I had a Benq 8720 before the Vango and it was tough to go back to it. Right before I got my Vango back the Benq stopped working and I had to use a 24" computer monitor for a day. It was on a table about two feet from where we sit and seemed better than the Benq. In its defense, the lamp in the Benq was way past its replacement usage.

One of the reasons for buying the Vango at the time was the 20,000+ hours of maintenance free operation. That has not been the case for me, and based on recent experience, I suspect I'll be lucky if I get two more years before it needs to go back to the shop. I'll probably replace rather than repair it again, and I wonder what I' should buy next when the Vango reaches its end. What projector would you guys buy next? Does actually it make sense to buy another projector? Are these huge 4K flat panels even worth looking at?
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Well I have not had to watch it for the whole month. We were in Hawaii for 10 days. Still waiting on the invoice for parts. I will be replacing the boards myself. I have the service manual and it looks straight forward.

I too was looking for a maintenance free machine but it seems that we took a chance on a boutique producer and it is not so. This is the second instance with mine. The first was under warranty this on my dime and looking like about $500 including shipping which is not too bad considering the cost of the projector. It is the loss of use that really bothers me. I really do like the picture it throws and like that I don't worry about calibration. At this price point, I did expect a little better durability. Everything does have problems though maybe mine is the exception and the new boards, when ever I get them, may work for a very long time. We shall see. Tom has been great on his response but the folks in Taiwan even seem to frustrate him. I am debating hooking my BlueRay to the Dwin. Just have it temporarily set up to watch TV. I just don't relish the thought of the quality of picture I get with Dwin to watch a movie as it is so hard to go back after watching a brighter 1080p image from the Vango. Lamp is old and very much in need of calibration. I did not want to put the effort in but did not think it would be so long to get parts. With my travel, I thought I would be the hold up.

As for the next, most definitely will be another projector. The big panels are nice but take three men and a boy to wrestle it into my basement. I can do a projector and screen by myself and i can even go a little larger if I get a new screen. My current screen is a 110" diagonal. I have not looked at the current crop but am leaning back to a regular lamp based on the assumption of I am going to have to replace them at a shorter interval than I thought. Then the lower price point would be welcome. I don't really want 3D but most everything comes with it now. I was really hoping that my current set up would last well into the settling of 4K.

If I don't hear about the parts by the end of the day, I will be send a follow up email tomorrow. I know that they just celebrated New Year over there but I really hate seeing my Vango sit on the table while I have to watch the old Dwin.
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Had an update. (as of Thursday) John Hughes is trying to get the tracking number for the parts. Hopefully, I will get parts this week else, I will be hooking up the BlueRay and semi-calibrating the Dwin.

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Another week goes by, since last update, and still no parts. I get the sneaky suspicion that I know one of the reasons for no Vango II.

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Good news everyone. Parts are in country.

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I have a tracking number. Parts due here on Wednesday. I will replace the boards and get my Vango back in service on Thursday. Just wondering if I will have to reenter the settings for the calibration. Not sure where the info is stored in the projector.

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Great news you're getting your projector back in service. The calibration settings remained the same the two times I had work done, so hopefully you'll be set. However, I wonder if the changed parts were related to a video board would that require a new calibration?
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The video board is one of the boards to be replaced. I have asked the question as to where the calibration settings reside but don't yet have an answer. The service manual does not reference this. (at least that I can find) I don't think that the video board would cause drastic change in the picture. It might be out a little but don't know if I will be able to tell.

If the settings reside on the video board, I have the original settings in an email from the original calibration and can hand crank that in if necessary. Part of the set up was done on my Lumagen so that will still be there.
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Parts came last night. I will be able to get to the repair tomorrow. This evenings reading will be the service manual.

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It is a bonding experience. I have race cars and the pit lane/casual bar stories are not about the times it all goes right. Just the opposite. And stories are all we have when we open that small jar of strained peaches down the road. Enjoy! Your mileage may vary---and that is OK. I enjoy your posts. I am burning incense.
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