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Matching Center Channel for Primus P362

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Hi All,

I am planning to upgrade my home theater setup. My current setup is 2 Primus P362 as the fronts and the TSS-500 speakers completes the 7.1 setup, powered by HK254. I initially bought the TSS-500 and then added the P362. Now I feel that my center channel is not powerful with the P362 and Im thinking of upgrading it. I found a good deal on the Infinity Classia CC225 and thinking of buying this. My budget wont allow me to upgrade the surrounds now. So here are my questions -

1) I know the fronts and centers should be timbre matched. the CC225 amd P362 are from different family. Has any one done this setup? Will be there be too much difference?

2) I have looked at the PC350 (351*) and Im worried about its size. They are huge. I feel like it will eats up lot of my space and I will struggle to keep it proper. Is there a considerable difference between these 2 if tonal match is not an issue?

3) I dont want to upgrade my surrounds now. But in the future (may be next year thanks giving) I want to upgrade to a similar ones as Classia center channel. I like these because of its looks. I know they are discontinued models. If so, will there be an issue in the availability compared to the primus series? Primus speakers are heavy and they are not beautiful (girls dont like em).

May be , I can use a Classia center channel now and later upgrade my Surrounds with Primus line or classia line depends on their availabiltiy. But since I want to finalize on the center channel, I am confused whether I shud get a primus or classia for center channel. I dont want my movies to sound odd (by using different family of speakers). If there is no issue with sounding, I am ok.

All speaker setup experts, please advice.
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You'll be OK with the Infinity Classia CC225. I've used a BetaC250, TSS-Center400 and PC350 as centers with P362 -- good results with all. The CC225 may be closest to the Beta.

Give the CC225 a try, nothing to lose if you have the option to return.
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