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just curious just bought and watched How To Train Your Dragon
The disc audio was set to English Dolby True HD 5.1 as confirmed on my Onkyo 805 display
Near the end of chapter 15 around 1 hour 23 minutes where hiccup falls off toothless after slaying the monster dragon & falls in the fire i experienced no audio for most of the remainder of the movie
Cleaned the disc & tried it several times , still the same problem
BD-UP5000 audio setting was set to Bitstream (Audiophile ) as it usually is
However when i changed my samsung audio settings to Bitstream ( Re Encode ) it played just fine
The Onkyo 805 display now read DTS 5.1 instead of Dolby True HD 5.1
Is there a loss in audio quality between Bitstream ( Audiophile )
& Bitstream ( Re Encode ) meaning Dolby True HD 5.1 & DTS 5.1 ?
Same with Samsung audio setting ( PCM ) it played just fine although theres no audio on Surround back speakers
Ordered another disc from Amazon & the same exact problem
So my audio problem is only with the True HD 5.1 track with BD-UP5000 player audio set to Bitstream ( Audiophile )
Should i just keep the disc and watch it in the audio Bitstream ( Re Encode Setting ), honestly couldn't tell the difference in sound between audiophile & re Encode settings, meaning True HD 5.1 0r Dts 5.1 other then just the change on display on my Onkyo 805
By the way the DVD disc played just fine
Your throughs greatly appreciated