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Universal Soundbar Mounts

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Amazon sells a set of universal soundbar mounts that allow you to attach basically any soundbar to any TV, hence the universal aspect. Has anyone used these before? I'm thinking about ordering a set as I have a few soundbars coming and I like the idea of having them mounted above the TV in the same fashion while I do my shoot out. Also, I like the idea of mounting the soundbar above the TV directly to the panel rather than to the wall for a nice clean look. Any reviews or thoughts would be appreciated.
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I ordered a set of these today and will report back with any opinion if anyone is interested. My main goal was to mount the soundbar above the TV while looking as clean as possible so I hope these do the trick.
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Did you ever get these mounts, if so how did they work?
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x2, I was thinking about making my own and just attaching them to the tv wall mounting points.. never bothered to look for any premade ones, guess i didnt think they existed.
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They did arrive, however I returned them as I decided that soundbars are not what I'm looking for. Instead I decided to bite the bullet and get a dedicated AVR and a 3.1 system with floor standing speakers, center, and sub.

I will say these brackets are very heavy duty and are legit. I attached them to a Sony CT350 and Pioneer 101FD and they worked perfectly. They are a nice heavy guage steel and for only $50 sure beat double sided tape or a home made contraption.
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I bought them and mounted my vizio soundbar above my tv. They work great, nothing special about them. Thought they where a little thin, but have been up for 3 months with no signs of wear.
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$50+ for a soundbar mount seemed a bit steep to me so I installed a small shelf immediately above the TV since it is against the wall using some $1 ikea brackets and a $1.99 shelf from the same store. Total cost: $4

I used the following brackets (in white):

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For mounting a sound bar above a TV, I think these brackets are a little flimsy, especially if you are mounting a sound bar that weighs 24 lbs like mine does (Yamaha YSP 5100). I wish they sold them in a slightly thicker version.

That being said, I was able to rest the sound bar against the TV and that prevents the sound bar from wobbling around all over the place, as it did when I had it a little above the TV.
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My soundbar is attached using straight metal brackets I got from Home Depot.

I enlarged the holes and screwed them into the TV's base attachment and used bolts to hold the soundbar in place.

Cost all $10
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