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Burnett Home Cinema

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So i figured since I am getting pertty far along on my dedicated build I would finally start a build thread...better late than never right?

First let me share the progerssion of my "rental" theaters. My fiancee and I finally bought a house earlier this year, but before that there were the rentals.

I got bitten by the home theater bug by attempting to build a diy projector I liked to call it frankenstein...

But It worked check out the projected image

Far from HD but still a fun project while still in college
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Rental # 2
Definately a step up from the first theater but still a college budget theater. I decided that the frakenstein would not be good enough for a "real theater so i upgraded to a benq w500 my current projector and a great entry level projector imo.

The "Lobby"

Boy looking back now I really get a kick out of some of my first theaters
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Rental #3
This theater up untill my current build was by far my favorite. A real riser and room for seating 6 on the couches comfortably and lots of room for overflow. I dont have many pictures of this theater and the ones that I have are pretty early on in the process and are crappy cellphone pics.

Now on to the current build!!!
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Ok so like I said my fiancee and I bought our first house earlier this year after we both graduated and felt stable in our new jobs. Here is my Blank Canvas for the basement build

Shortly after making our nest i wasted no time starting the build.
I neglected to take many pictures early in the build these are after the inital cad drawings and after the the framing for the theater was up and the electrical was run.

View into the equipment closet

My Hvac runs which might i add were a pain in the butt!!! Please ignore the crookedness of the right run i straightened it before i covered it up.

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Originally Posted by flatblackratrod View Post

I got bitten by the home theater bug by attempting to build a diy projector I liked to call it frankenstein...

Now this has to be a first... love it. Very cool!!
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Insulation up in the ceiling. Filled all the open cavities with insulation

DRYWALL Another pain in the butt!!!

My Helper

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Wow, I've never even heard of DIY projector. Very neat. Looks like a good space to work with. I'll be following this.
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The Theater as of tonight 11-29-10
I had to get something presentable for thanksgiving so i threw up the projector and had all the equipment up and going for the big day

I need to add another coat of paint and obviously trim everything out.

Just trimmed out the inside of the equipment cutout earlier tonight

Next up and hopefully by this weekend the riser.
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wow I just realized how bad some of my pictures are lol sorry about that guys. Anyway yeah diy projectors I am acually suprised that I didn't burn anything down considering I basically had no tools and was half a**ing everything lol but like I say it worked

The current room is 14'6 x 25' and
After the theater if finished up I will be starting on the pool room/arcade/bar area and the bathroom but obviously i had to do the most important part first!

More pictures to come on or around the weekend
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Loved the "early days" photos! It brings me back to the passion that I had in my younger days, and still have! Wish I had some of my first few theaters. My first projector was a hand me down given by a friend. It had pixels the size of quarters, but I loved it and never looked back!

Looking forward to the rest of your build! Congrats on the new space!
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Any questions, comments, or criticism is welcome

It would be interesting to see others "first" and early theater setups.
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So its been a quite a while since my last update an a lot of progress has been made. First however a question. I installed 2 circuits for my theater a 15 amp for the lights and outlets and a 20 amp for the equipment. Every time our ac kicks on I get some video interference. I am pretty sure it is power draw. Some of the things I have tried so far. I switched the breaker from the side that the a/c is on to the opposite. I bought a monster surge protector with the "clean power". When the ac kicks on it does not read a voltage drop. I have tried everything I can think of aside from hooking the projector into the monster unit. Any suggestions anyone can offer would be great. I will see if I can get some picture updates posted soon
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I like that user name, so I assume you have a rat-rod...?

Back to your question - two thoughts:
Is there any chance that your AC line and your 20 amp Eq feed might somehow be sharing a neutral line from the breaker box - hopefully not.

As for moving that breaker to the other side in attempt to separate - please keep in mind that a 220 central AC unit is pulling from both sides.

I would next be thinking about the "rush-startup-input-surge" occurring when the AC starts up > momentarily adding some ground noise? Any chance your 20Amp EQ feed is on a dedicated ground, or could it be converted to a dedicated ground? I would start thinking about testing for ground noise
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Ha...nope no rat rod but it is a dream. As far as the username it just stuck and I use it in all of the forums that I frequent. As far as the grounds go I will try to take some pictures tonight as I am a very visual person. I knew just enough about the electrical to do it to code "by the book"
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Well a lightbulb went off in my head tonight and I think I have my "electrical" issue figured out. I am running my hdmi over cat5 and am 98% sure that the wall plate converter is my issue. I read on another forum of others describing some of the same symptoms. I actually remember it having some of the same symptoms when I was doing tests in the living room but I thought nothing of it. Honestly no one will probably notice except for me, but it annoys the crap out of me, my fiancee thinks im nuts!
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Did you ever finish up your theater? Any final pictures?
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