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Ultra Cheap Seating

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I am looking at purchasing zero gravity loungers like the ones at cabelas for $30-40 a chair. Is there a reason not to use these for the budget home theater? (not able to post link to site yet.)
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They look a little low, so it may be difficult if you're trying to have multiple rows of seating. I also wonder how comfortable they would be for an extended period. Beyond that, if you like them and they work for you, sure why not.

I'm sure someone on here will say you need to spend big bucks for leather seats, but it's your room - buy what you like that's within your budget.
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Butt on floor works, and is free
I would spend some time sitting in them before you buy.. cheap or not, money spent on something not used is money wasted..
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Here a link to another thread about low cost seating, see posts 14 & 16 for info:


AVS member "christer W." suggested the Ikea chair model name "Poang" (chair or rocker or swivel type) Ranging in price from $89 to $269).


Found more info, a AVS member "ildigital" from Italy, see post #14 where he discusses how he modified his "Poang" chairs to use in his theater on his thread "HT Utopia Is Up & Running" @

Go to his web site & look under the construction tab & see a photo of the chair under modification.

John P
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I like the ability to compact the seating. Since I have a smaller home, I wouldn't be able to fit home theater seating. I've seen reclining sofas on craigslist that are $100 a sofa. If I ever move into a larger home where I have more room in the basement then I do now, I may design a nicer theater. I was thinking about adding platforms for the second row.
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Kohls has a special right now on two red ones for $48 http://www.kohls.com/upgrade/webstor...p%20Kohl's!
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