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Compact System Recommendation

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Hi, I'm looking for some advice on a system for my study. I am looking for something fairly simple and small. I don't want a whole rack of equipment, currently I have an Onkyo integrated amp and an ancient Kenwood CD player, both of which are on their last legs. The speakers are PSB Image B15s, and will be retained.

I have been looking at units like the NAD C715/Vision 2, Arcam Solo Mini, Cambridge Audio One, and Marantz M-CR603, but will consider anything that provides the functionality I want and quality sound.
CD playback (with MP3/WMA) and amplification are the minimum functionality I need, a USB/iPod connection would be nice, DVD playback would be useful but not necessary. I would like to keep it below $1000, closer to $500 would be better.
Any recommendations? Thanks.
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With the Marantz now including Airplay, i think it's just about the best value for your needs.
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