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Help! Sony or Sony?

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Hey guys, new to this forum, need some advice in deciding which to buy.

Been looking at Tvs a couple months now Can't seem to decide. I was set on a 47 inch LG 1080 120hz from costco,(although they don't seem to offer it online) but after checking out the samsungs, liked the picture on those more. Reliability issues scared me away to Sony's, which i have now realized have some better deals on their HDTVs(than samsungs). Anyways this is all very vague, so here is a list of Tvs I have in mind. They are all around the same price/ my price range:

Sony EX711 Sony BRAVIA®
46" Class 1080p 120Hz
^This one has the Costco warranty and LED but it shouldn't break down within two years?

Sony KDL55EX500
Sony - BRAVIA 55" Class / 1080p / 120Hz / LCD HDTV
^Bigger screen but no LED and have to buy extended warranty(which i should?)

Sony KDL-46NX800
Sony - BRAVIA / 46" Class / 1080p / 240Hz / LED-LCD HDTV
^includes a PS3 and LED and 240 hz

Now my question is, how reliable have these LED Tvs been? Is there a noticeable difference between the LED and LCD(im still using a cathode ray tube tv) My living room isn't that large, so i was looking at 46inch except i saw this 55 for around the same price. Also I know the price isn't supposed to be talked about, but is this a good time to buy? I have already waited a couple months, is this the lowest we see tv's all year?
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I just pick up a sony 52nx800, awesome picture.
you know what? Go ahead and order one from official sony website and tell them you were given 15 percent from the last guy you talk to and they will honor it, that what i did.
If you want reliability, get the warranty. Led is alot better imo.
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The top of the line Sony XBR LX900 has a great natural looking picture and the 3D is very good. These TV's have up to a 40% markup, so if you want a set with all the bells, it's just a matter of waiting for the price to come down.
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thanks ccheng, I'll go check out the sony website.

jcord: How long do you think it will take before they get marked down though? and which model out of those 3 would you recommend? I would love to own a 3d, but it isn't in my budget.
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