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Anyone have a Nakamichi Soundspace 12 user manual

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I inherited a system from my brother and am having difficulties with it. The first time I hooked it up, everything worked fine. I even got my PS3 to work with it via the optical input. However, once I unplugged the control unit and plugged it back in, the CD/DVD player no longer gets power from the control unit. Everything looks fine, but not sure if there is an easy fix; thus the need for the manual. Thanks in advance!
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Are you still interested in a SS12 manual?
I do have a hard copy and am willing to scan/email a copy if you wish. The problem sounds like you just need to reset the system.
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The problem persists, so if you have the manual, that would be greatly appreciated. My email address is benny_b_young@yahoo.com. Thank you.
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hi pfarah7

hope you are still on this site, as i too have just purchased a soundspace 12 unit, but alas, am also without the manual. i've managed to set most of it up apart from the large remote control unit which, on advice elsewhere, i have tried resetting after putting in new batteries and following that persons advice re: press 'light button' and 'enter' (next to the number 1 inside the flip panel), but the touch screen doesn't have the devices aligned. for instance if i press VCR1 it shows tape on screen etc.
So, you would be doing me a big favour if you still have a copy of that scan. many thanks, pms.plan@virgin.net
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Good Evening All,

Just a post to say that having tried numerous sources to aid me with my enquiries i happened across a very helpful person by the name of Jeff Galin who pinted me in the right direction and spent the time to answer my question. Although, on this occasion, Jeff's servicing remit didn't cover my unit i felt the level of customer service to be exemplary in this case, and have no reservations recommending you contact him should you have an issue with yourr Nakamichi product, if he can help i'm sure he will.
To save someone else some time, i am listing his details below. Regards, Paul

"Nakamichi Serviced Here" since 1975!
1807 Berlin Turnpike
Wethersfield, Connecticut 06109 USA
By Appointment M-F 9AM to 5PM EST
Telephone 860-529-3700
jeff@nakamichi.us jeff@eslabs.com
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Hi dondo23,

Thank you!

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