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Optoma GT700 DLP?

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I'm brand-new to the world of projectors and I have the feeling that asking about calibration on a <$1,000 DLP projector is kind of like asking about cold-air intake on a 1.1L engine, however...

1. Can DLP's be calibrated? I've not had a chance to dig far enough into the threads to figure that one out definitively yet.

2. Is there any point? value? etc. in calibrating such a low-end projector that is going to be used as the daily-viewer in the living-room day & night?
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Yes, yes, yes, and yes.
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So, what's the average calibration cost? I have a feeling I need to start a new xmas fund, lol.
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If you get a real pro with high end gear it will probably be around $400 for one input. I am sure there are some who are less and some who are more. I paid $425 for my 5 year old DLP (worth about $300) and it was well worth it!
With projection, you need to let a new lamp settle in for about 200 hour before having it done. Also any changes in screen or room lighting after the calibration can effect the image so wait till you are happy with the rest of your setup and have watched the projector for a few hundred hours. This way the improvements afterwords will be like an upgrade you had not expected!
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