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Pioneer 1120-VSX and Mac Mini DVI-HDMI problem

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I've got a 2007-era intel Mac Mini hooked up to my brand spankin' new Pioneer VSX-1120 AVR with a DVI to HDMI adapter + cable. The AVR is then connected to a Sharp 37" LCD (1080p), again, via HDMI. I also have an AppleTV 2 and a Samsung Blu-Ray player connected.

Most of the time the set up works great, but after a while--after switching between the other HDMI inputs, or bringing up the onscreen menu--the Mac Mini display ends up getting "cropped" and sometimes is off-center on the screen.

Once it's in this state, nothing I do (switching resolutions, re-plugging the cable, etc) seems to bring the screen back to its normal 'full' state besides rebooting the Mac.

Once I reboot it's fine, until the next time it decides to not be fine

-- I've been using the mini plugged directly into the TV for years and it "just works" at either 1080p or 720p.

-- I've tried a couple different HDMI cables, but that doesn't make a difference

-- all my other HDMI devices are working fine

-- I've tried enabling and disabling the various HDMI upscaling modes on the VSX-1120, also doesn't seem to make a difference

Any suggestions? Obviously, I could just plug the Mac directly into the TV but, one of the reasons I got the Pioneer was to simplify switching between inputs by consolidating all my connections (its replacing an Onkyo with no HDMI inputs). I'm trying to decide if I should keep this receiver or return it and find something comparable that doesn't exhibit this issue
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You may try posting this in the dedicated Mac HTPC subforum for some Mac-specific assistance as well.

I sold my Mac a while ago, and never tried using it with a receiver, so I have no idea.

Instinct is telling me that it has something to do with how the Mac itself sees and handshakes with the receiver as a display...
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Thanks for the response -- I think you're right, there's something weird going on in the handshaking. I've got one series of steps that will reproduce the issue.

1) Set the Mac mini to 1080p output
2) Reboot (just to make sure the display is uncorrupted)
3) Set the Mac to 720p output

When the display re-syncs, it's now cropped, and as I mentioned, resetting the resolution back to 1080p doesn't fix the problem. While those steps are instructive, I should add that there must be some other scenarios that cause this to occur, because previously I hadn't been switching the resolution on the Mac.

I'll post in the Mac forum (I wasn't sure which was the more appropriate and see if there's any more feedback thereā€¦ (cross posted here)
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