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For those of you wondering what happened to Penteo...

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Hi all AVSers. Penteo would have never gotten off the ground without this forum, and I'll always be indebted.

The Penteo process, in whatever form name it takes, is still bound to become the professional standard for conversion of stereo to 5.1 surround.

It won Audio Processor of the Year from UK's Resolution Magazine.

Unfortunately it did so well, the little company I started was the subject of a takeover by a British investor who not only took control, but starved me out, leaving me literally homeless and penniless.

Friends are taking care of me, and I will soon have another job in the industry in a different role.

I am still a stockholder in their new company, PenteoSurround, Inc., and I wish them well with their venture, but I am simply an observer at this point.

Thank you for your continued support.
John Wheeler
Penteo Founder
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Is this a joke?
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That sucks!!!! I also have experienced similar in the businessworld. It happens more often most people think. I wish you well. This probably means no home unit for us enthusiasts? Keep us updated.
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good luck john,

although we had disagreements regarding the rightful place of penteo in the surround production world, your work is appreciated by us surround fans!
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that sucks big time
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John, sorry to hear. This investor is very short sighted to freeze you out of the company.
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John sorry to hear this Wish you better luck in future
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I'm saddened and troubled by this news but not surprised in the least. Those with power and money often take control of innovative efforts and technology and think they know better. Most of the time they are in it for the quick dollar and don't care about the values at the core of the company.

As a very small audiophile company with a history of innovation, I have been approached many times by those with checkbooks but no imagination. I would also like to thank the folks on this forum for their continued support of AIX Records and iTrax.com.

It makes all the difference to know that people out there appreciate the work that us little guys contribute to the world of better entertainment experiences.

I'm very troubled by this news...but I wish you good luck in the future.
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I'm thinking about starting a web-based service in which you can upload your stereo mixes and it will process them into 5.1 using the Lee/Van Zutphen/Wheeler process. I just can't call it P*nteo since I sold them the name. What do you think? It would be pay, but micro-pay, a few cents based on the program length. I also have offered several Hollywood filmmakers and mixers the same service that I did for Tarantino and WATCHMEN and the other films I worked on, so I'm still around -- and LEGAL!
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And ideas on a new name are most welcome!
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Originally Posted by PenteoSurround View Post

And ideas on a new name are most welcome!

I was going to suggest Quintaphonic, but that's been taken: the movie Tommy was released in Quintaphonic sound (matrixed 5-channel). It was the only movie released in that format, so maybe the name is still available (since it hasn't been used since).

At the same time, you may want to use this opportunity to move away from terms like Penteo or Quinta or anything that suggests the number five. With 6.1-channel and 7.1-channel content available, and modern receivers allowing for 9-speaker and 11-speaker configurations, maybe better to keep the name a bit more general.

Names like StereoSurround or Stereo2Surround don't hint at specific numbers of channels but do have the input (stereo) and output (surround) of what you do. Unfortunately both are taken (StereoSurround does teleconferencing and Stereo2Surround does 2.0 to 5.1 upmixing).

So while I can't think of a good name right now (a Google search showed them all in current use), I would encourage you to stick with a more general sounding name. Who knows, down the road you may be asked to output more than 5 channels (assuming your processing can do that).
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Holy crap. Well, uh, sorry?

Your voice is still up on the site: http://www.penteosurround.com/demo/PenteoJune2010.m4a

Hope it all works out, was very excited to see the success you were having, sorry that success has bread this type of outcome.
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Hey Jon, we all are on your side! It was your baby you ought to have the rights to earn from it!
those who seek to damage others are nothing less than pond scum.
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