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Sony KDF-55WF655 HDMI/HDCP issue

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I am having weird issue with my Sony KDF-55WF655 and I am at a loss about fixing it.

I have been running FIOS HD-DVR receiver connected to TV HDMI port for couple of years. Last month I switched the STB to HD-only as I moved the TV to my basement. Once I connected new STB to my TV HDMI port and powered up TV, I initially got HDCP warning message which went away after few seconds. But since then, I get no video (only audio) on anything I connect to TV HDMI port. I have put in old STB, DVD player (which used to work as well) but still no video (only audio).

Did HDCP warning message has somehow disabled the HDMI port? Any way to reset the HDCP/HDMI port configuration. I have already tried powering off TV by removing it from power outlet for 15-30 mins but still no go. Any one has seen this issue? Any help will be appreciated.
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Resurrecting an old thread...
I just inherited a SONY KDF-55WF655 and I have a similar issue. My googling has found info that indicates that this TV is in fact HDCP capable, but I'm have issues with my AppleTV stating that the TV/Connection is not. The connection works beautifully in menus and previews, but gives the message when starting a movie. We did watch a few movies before this started so I'm thinking something has happened when the Apple TV was disconnected by the kids to connect a STB. Is there a chance the circuitry in the TV has been damaged? Or are there circuitry settings that can be reset? Any other thoughts.

Any input would be appreciated!!!
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