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Got a bunch done today....

Plan on staining the bar seating trim tomorrow and hopefully finish the stairway painting...not looking forward to that!

Word of warning..I like taking pictures...so have fun looking at all I accomplished (wish a bit of help) today....

After these anyone should be able to recreate my basement to the inch!

We put the outlet here so I can cut some holes....run the voltage regulator cord down to the outlet...and still seal off the entire back for fan venting if needed....

New panel complete and electricity on! 2-20A runs to AV rack done...will put in surge supressor outlets on projector/AV rack outlets down the road...no space in panel for supressor for house for now....
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Got the right square to circle gasket to use some leftover ceramic fixtures (=free).....

Got this squared away and hooked up...this is the closet the recessed wine rack sits in..

EDIT: Large forehead = large brain?
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Installed the ceiling fan/light combo.

How come is it that every ceiling fan/light I've ever had isn't worth the money? Sonnes what? Oh, this one was north of $120 and it is still loud. I call BS on these products. I'm going to put like 8 more screws into the aluminum surround to see if that stops the sounds....

Notice the speaker for football?

GFCI for bathroom and a 3-gang switch box...like I said pictures of everything!

Outlets...switches galore! We went with the "decor" style (wide flat switches) for everything.....like the look.

Lutron dimmers for the cans.....otherwise pretty normal....no Graphic Eye in this build...

EDIT: Yes, picky people, I hit the ceiling a few times. That is why they make upshot....

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Haven't wiped off the excess yet...or caulked but...

Love the tile/paint. Worked out well.. Always nervous before you see it done.

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Seriously...I need one of those offset ladders...I don't have trees to clog gutters...trying to find a reason to buy one...

Wonder how I'll do the edging up high...ideas?

The gray is a lighter tint of the screen wall.....looks white on bright light....gray after sunset....it will work....

The door at top will be replaced with a "dutch door". Should get trim done over the next week /2.

More of the contrast between the moody blue and the gray.....taped the straight edge...but will redo the gray and moody blue edge one more time...

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Kept trying to come downstairs...decided to wear my stocking hat...

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Surprise...halfway through work on the basement day....the FedEx guy arrived with the Axioms...were scheduled to get here Monday.

FedEx 1, R/L Carriers 0.

I guess I might as well mount them, right?

Nice packaging....no way these would get injured....

Took the grills off for mounting...easy bracket install...very simple...unlike the Axiom board complaints saying that 12 GA wouldn't fit in the back...they lied. 12 GA easily went in...

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These were really easy to set up...

Without the grills..

Grills on....everything was super smooth...great product..Of course I haven't HEARD them yet!

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Are you guys tired of pictures yet?


Yes, I am a freak. I wrapped them again after they were mounted with their plastic shipped coverings so dust from woodworking/tile finishing didn't get on them...wouldn't you?

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Love the shower tile
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I'm done for today....going to Nebr Furniture Mart tomorrow to get bar stool/chairs, frig, a couple couches for upstairs and a new kitchen table/chairs. Should be fun...

Got the stairwell trimmed out and painted...will do another coat once counters/frig etc has been installed downstairs.

Stained the trim for the bar seating..might have to do a 3rd coat....

A picture of the rear of the room...where most of the work has been done lately...

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Need some help....

I really want to get shower curtains instead of a door...(don't have to drill through my nice tile...less to clean...etc)...

What do you guys think?

Door or curtains?

This shower will be minimally used fyi.
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Door is my vote, frameless - I don't like shower curtains.
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You could start with a curtain for now and when the rest of the bleeding has stopped get a glass door but Custom frame-less glass doors are vary costly

I just down graded our main bath back to a shower curtain from glass doors just for the reasons you stated. alot less cleaning and you can just throw away a curtain and replace it with a new one when it gets scummy.

I did alot of searching for top of the line curtain rods and bought mine here

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Vote: Shower Door:1, Curtains: 1.

The downside I see to getting curtains is no one seeing the now kickass tile job in there.....I like your curtain link though..those are exactly what I would want.

What about these for bar stools? May buy them tomorrow, I THINK they should match the walls and carpet /bar decently...


And for the granite...uba tuba...cheap and matches..


EDIT: Backs or no backs for chairs???? And why do I keep copying Jamis theater build...
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YOU are doing a first class job with top quality materials and it looks awesome. Since the shower stall will be used rarely, the cleaning factor of a glass door won't be an issue. I'd say go with a curtain and pull it back so it doesn't hide your work but plan to upgrade later to a door when funds are available if you aren't happy down the road.
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I myself think you need to go sit in them. They may look nice but suck to sit on. They need to be comfy enough to sit on for more then a hour or two if there going to be used for watching movies.
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Thanks for the input. I think I will be going with a shower door. BJs Shower Doors has been rec'd by many...here in Omaha.

Went to the Mart today (Neb Furniture Mart). Got my wife 2 loveseats and a new kitchen table/chairs for upstairs.....bar stool selection was crap, but did pick up the Frig.

LG 22520...http://www.lg.com/us/appliances/refr...LBC22520ST.jsp

This stuff will be delivered Friday. Woot.

I think I am going with Alkar Billiards/Bar Stools...it is at 108th and Maple by Ceramic Tile Works. I'm spoiling myself a bit as the bar stools are about $200-250/piece but they are all custom top to bottom and look and fit feel amazing. Anyone used this place? Looks fun-pick out everything from material/paint/fit/finish... http://www.alkarbilliards.com/servlet/StoreFront

I'll be going back to order sometime this week...kid was tired from shopping at Mart and wifey was tired from listening to me rambling about granite and bar stools.

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Just need to get my monoprice order in...probably thursday/friday...

Will set up these puppies friday...day off...!
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Whens does carpet get installed
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Originally Posted by W00lly View Post
Whens does carpet get installed
Carpet probably won't happen until the end of the job....looking like 5 weeks out or so..

Counters will be ordered probably friday...need to go look at slabs and pick one at a couple places around town.... installed around end of 2nd week of Feb.

Working on trim next 2 weeks...
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very nice Greg!!!

house warming party in feb??
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Originally Posted by imahemi View Post

very nice Greg!!!

house warming party in feb??

I'll be aiming for the end of February...or start of March Madness.

Money is really tightening up for the big push....between CHT/Counters/Tile/Carpet/Trim/Bar Stools it is north of 7k. Hard to do that this quickly on month to month salaries without hitting savings!

I'll keep you guys posted though....I'd say carpet will go down end of Feb beginning of March. Then it is definitely March Madness down there...

baby boy #2 due April 6th!
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Mmmmm boxes - wish I lived closer, I'd be inviting myself over for the first movie.
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Originally Posted by Brad Horstkotte View Post

Mmmmm boxes - wish I lived closer, I'd be inviting myself over for the first movie.

And if my brother-in-law would have stayed working for Amgen instead of going to San Diego, I could visit your garage in progress!
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Ah well, Thousand Oaks (Amgen) is about an hour drive, San Diego is about two.
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Doors pretty much hung....including a big...WOOPS.

Toilet and Shower hardware installed......definitely going to need the door...curtains not going to cut it here.

Pictures incoming......
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Shower hardware done...now just to find that door!

Toilet in. Water on in shower and toilet.

Valves installed for pedestal sink and bar sink.

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So the first and hopefully last Oh @#$) happened today.

So, the "dutch" door I wanted, or where the top and bottom halves of the door open independently was special order. I thought we had everything figured out.

Oh, what about the top half of the door clearing the ceiling that slopes down?

Nope, forgot to think about that. FAIL.

I talked to my buddy that does trim work and he said he could saw the top door in half, put some hinges in it and have it open to the outside towards the right looking at this picture. Hope that works out...to be continued.

Other doors hung....

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Rather than cut the door, couldn't you just have it open the other direction? Instead of pushing it into the stairwell, you would pull it when standing at the top of the steps wanting to go down. That is if there is enough room in the entryway. When opening a stairwell door from the stair side and having to pull it towards yourself from below is a tricky thing to do anyway.

Or do this,

Cut a wedge off the top door corner to make it clear. Then just trim the doorframe to match. This would work if there isn't a real large amount of door you have to cut off.

Did the previous door have this problem?
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