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Long Time Out of the Game... Opinions for a New Receiver

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I currently have a B&K receiver going on 9 years old, and I am in the early stages of researching a replacement. (I don't yet [i]need[i] one, but am doing the planning anyway).

The receiver is in a dedicated room (11x24x8), running audio from an Oppo BR player (itself feeding directly to the projector) and running to a 7.1 setup using B&W speakers.

I would like the repalcement to have solid audio quility, the current crop of sound capabilities and certifications, room equalization, and HDMI connections. I do not need many of the other capabilities most higher-end receivers come with. I don't need an ipod dock, HD radio, Sat radio, multiroom capabilities, Windows compatability, and so on... I have very limited internet capabilites, so anything along those lines is lost on me. (I'm not opposed to those, but don't need them.)

Any suggestions? My price range is somewhere in the $2k+ range. I have liked B&K, but am not wedded to the brand. I have always had a receiver, but could do a 2-piece system.
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Well, I see four options.
The first and most obvious is to stick with what you know. I found it hard to find prices for B&K receivers, the ones I found were over double your budget. Perhaps that have a suitable unit in your price range.

Option two would be to go with another expensive line, like NAD. I have an NAD T762 which has been a solid, good sounding performer the last 10 years. Their T 765 is in your price range.

I wonder if there is a true discernable quality/performance difference with the more esoteric brands like B&K and NAD. I used to think so, but now I'm not so sure. I wonder if the price difference has more to do with having to spread similar R&D costs over smaller numbers of units sold. That leads me to my next option.

Buy a higher end receiver from a mainstream brand. Pioneer, Denon, Onkyo and others offer some pretty beefy receivers in the 2k range. I just replaced the NAD in my home theater with an Onkyo TX-NR808 which runs less than $700. I replaced the NAD for the same reasons you're looking to upgrade. So far I've been extremely pleased, the SQ is actually better, especially after using Audyssey to EQ the room.

The last option would be to buy a pre-amp and amp combo. You could get an Onkyo PR-SC5508 and and Emotiva 5 or 7 channel amp. If I could spend in the $2k+ range, this is what I'd do.
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I agree about the sound quality issue--maybe there is, or isn't, or may I can hear it or maybe I can't...

I got the B&K because it had a higher power rating than what it was replacing, and was a demo unit, so I got a good price. OK, I also wanted to try a high-end unit, too...

My thoughts on a [more] mainstream brand was that I feel like I am getting so much extra stuff I don't need. That was really the initial factor for me. But if you get a good receiver for equal or less money, so what if it has lots of extras?
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