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The Official Aperion Audio Grand Verus Owners Thread"

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The Aperion Grand Verus speaker line-up went on sale in October of 2010 as Aperion's flagship speaker line. The Grand Verus has been an instant success, drawing rave reviews from audio professionals and owners alike.

This thread is intended for owners and perspective owners of the Aperion Grand Verus , a forum to share your owner experiences and to field questions from perspective owners.

A few things to consider when posting your comments from an owners perspective are; why you purchased the Grand Verus, cabinet color, what A/V and sound equipment you are using with your setup, your listening preferences and percentages with movies,music and gaming, lastly your overall impressions.

Welcome all, I hope we can have an active and informative time with this thread.
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Ok, to get the thread going I will share my thoughts on my Grand Verus speakers.

I own two Grand Verus towers and a Grand Verus Center channel, using Aperion Intimus 5T's as my surround speakers. My speakers are in Gloss Black.

I am a new Grand Verus owners, having just received the speakers. The Grand Verus line went on sale as I recall in mid October of this year,2010. Due to the instant success of the Grand Verus line, my order was on backorder from the first of November. I can say honestly, the wait was well worth it.

Having owned Aperion 5T and 6T's, I was already sold on the value and excellence of Aperion. When news spread about the new Grand Verus, there was no doubt I wanted them as my home HT center piece.

Unboxing Aperion's is always a treat. The Grand Verus comes well protected for shipment, enclosed in the customary velvet bag. When I saw the speakers for the first time, I was impressed byhow striking the Grand Verus is. The appearance of the Grand Verus is a new standard for Aperion, and a speaker that will not take a seat behind it's competitors.

Having already owned some fine Aperion speakers, I was accustomed to having their speakers deliver excellent sound. When I fired the Grand Verus up for the first time, a smile came quickly. Not only do they look amazing, the sound surpassed my expectations.

The Grand Verus delivers pure dynamic sound that immerses you. Truly the VG's are the new standard barer of Aperion.I am still in early break-in, as the speakers begin to open up they are sounding better and better.

I will try to update as I have the opportunity to listen to differing content and the speakers have more time on them. In the mean time, I look forward to hearing from all of you, thanks for dropping by.
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Any more owners of this line? So Far I have read that they sound good, blah blah blah, but no comparisons, measurements, or some real reviews. I wonder how these compare to some horn loaded speakers- the Verus seem pretty efficient and I'd like to know how they sound at high theater SPL's.

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Full review now available over at Audioholics. Based on the strength of the recommendation I put in an order for LCR, but the towers are back-ordered through end of March .

Oh well, I consider anticipation to be part of the purchase price.
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Any more people want to chime in on this? If they are so popular, should there not be more posts, or are there multiple "official" posts. Would love to hear more reviews!
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So as not to duplicate posts this thread was moved to the Official Aperion thread. In the Aperion thread you will find a lot of feedback on the Verus line.
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Hey aperion owners - is there anyone within an hour drive of 06401 that has the verus grand towers that would be willing to do a demo for me? Please let me know w/ a reply quote or inbox thanks!

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Been trying to determine which upgrade I would do first, have not upgrade my system since 2005.
Consists of Klipsch RC 3II 7.1, AVR-4806, 1080UB. I have been very happy with the
setup but have always wanted little more detail in the voices. Decided to try the Verus
Grand Center. I really like the AVR-4520ci but though this may be the better route.
Will post my review and video of it, will not ship till the 18th. I plan to sneak it
into the system and video the wife. She has also commented in the past concerning
some dialogue be interesting to see how it compares.
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How do owners or potential buyers of the Verus speakers with a high gloss cherry finish feel about adding a Bravus II 12D subwoofer with black enclosure to their speaker systems?
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