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The site is up and down like crazy. Trip report later.
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I downloaded these from the FTP provided. I do not have an 8200 so I cannot tell you if they work. Please use at your on risk and reply with results. I am only trying to help continue the reviews on this product because I looking to buy one in the near future.

5/10/11 - 2.13 - URL//db.tt/BCpR2uZ

5/9/11 - 2.12 - URL//db.tt/iDwnAzK

4/22/11 - 2.11 - URL//db.tt/yxW2snS

4/20/11 - 2.10 - URL//db.tt/PI9t3wW

Replace URL with HTTP
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Those look like the firmware files I saw. Keep in mind -- by the dates, it looks like there were 4 revisions to the firmware in a matter of days.
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ok I tried tonight. the firmware version on my pro8200 was 1.13 I think it said. but when I went to do the firmware upgrade, it didn't even light up my usb stick, so I don't think it even tried to read it. it did say "searching..." and then "image not found".
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I haven't looked at the firmware files yet, but did you compare them with the Pro8100 files? There may be some kind of consistency between units (even though they are fully different).

Also, the Pro8100 needed to be in service mode, did you have your Pro8200 in service mode?
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There's a new folder on the ftp site. From what I can tell by the file naming, it looks like 2.13 may be a release candidate.
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Friend of mine just told me:

FW V2.13 Amendment as below based on Viewsonic's request:
1. IMG. Screen flicker when Overscan is 2&5;
2. IMG. Screen flicker more when Aspect Ratio is 4:3;
3. IMG. Screen has white dotted line and flicker when Overscan is 7;
4. DSO Menu display abnormal when Display type is set to POP and closed caption is readjusted.
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are you going to do it?
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Just got my 8200 from buy.com. For my first projector I'm impressed. I used a temp screen I have and connect it to my DVR with the hdmi cable and the picture is awesome. Probably need to tweak a lot of thinks that I don't know about yet but I am happy for now.
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Hey kahr45 just got one from buy.com today as well my build date is 10/21/2010. Just wondering what yours was? Any luck on anyone downloading latest firmware update as I cant connect to it. Thanks
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drk, I have the same build date. I am looking for instructions on how to flash.
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Yea thanks, any help would be great. I thought buying it from buy.com would yield me a newer build but I guess not. Talked to a representative there He told me He could only refund me my money. Downloaded your firmware hopefully there is a way to upload it. Still cannot connect to viewsonics server.

Also how did u mount this thing any suggestions? Wanted to ceiling mount it upside down and put ether 100in-80in screen. Viewing seating is at 10ft with 8ft ceiling hight. Does anyone know or have any suggestions that i could use would be GREAT. New to Projection and would really appreciate the help

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Sweet Thanks
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the flashing instructions are in the service manual. I can email it to whoever wants it.
I also posted the instructions (mostly) on page 5 of this thread.
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has anyone successfully upgraded their pro8200 FW?

I downloaded the FW from the IP address mentioned in this tread. Looking at the contents of the downloaded firmware my impression is firmware upgrade can be done via a PC by running the included application in the firwmare zip file.

Has any one had any luck in copying the firmware contents to an USB stick and upgrading directly from the projector?
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I called viewsonic and asked about firmware upgrade, their response was "firmware upgrade is done at service centers via the service menu, it is not upgradeable by users"

They suggest that I send the projector to their nearby service center, they will check/upgrade and send it back, if need be they may send a new one.
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are you having a problem? or just the annoyances listed earlier in the thread?
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Does the new firmware address the digital noise issue?? That was the death blow for me on this unit.
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just spent all morning trying 100 different ways to get the thing to update with no success. even tried different file systems for the flash drive (fat, fat32, exfat, ntfs). any other ideas?
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Have you tried connecting the PC or Laptop to the projector with a USB cable, then running the FlashUpgrader.exe that's inside the zip?
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unfortunately, usb a male to usb a male are not common cables. not even radio shack has them (locally). I did try using a windows 7 data transfer cable which has the right connections, but no dice. is there another way to rig that up somehow?
I do have the proper cable on order. I'm hoping this solves my artifact-y 1080p with hdmi. (720p is fine, 1080p over vga is fine).

slashquit: did you ever find what fw version you have? here are the instructions from page 5 if you missed them:
Open the Main menu and move the color bar to “Information” item, and then move down the color bar to “Equivalent Lamp Hours” item, press the direction key following the actions below:
Right once, left twice, right once; then you will enter the Engineering Mode.
The firmware version is at the very top.
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Ah you're right. If it was USB, then a male-to-male cable would be required. If it's not via USB, then it could be via RS232.
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An Update:

My March 2011 unit is working fine.
no noise from the fan, and the picture quality is superb.

the only problem i now realized my projector is having is the restart problem.
everytime the projector switch his resolution (or is beign restarted) the color setting gets restarted. (i usually use 60/50/40 but it restarts 50/50/50 everytime)

i hope viewsonic will fix this problem and would care to give us a normal updating software, with support from their website at the product page.
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orof: do you mind telling me what firmware version you have? thanks.
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so far no go with the correct cable. it's almost like the usb port on the projector isn't enabled or something. neither winxp or win7 detects anything when it's connected, and when I try the usb flash drive it doesn't seem to access it when it says "searching" under the usb upgrade screen.

edit: also, fwiw, there are two new firmware files on the ftp site that have the same naming convention as the others (P7Y37, etc.) they are dated 6/22/11 and have version numbers 2.14 and 1.19. downloading now...
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ok, I even tried loading ubuntu and formatting the usb stick in ext2 and ext3 with no success. hopefully someone will figure this out.
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I know from experience that this is probably futile but has anyone queried ViewSonic tech?
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I believe more than one person has mentioned that in this thread.
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I contacted viewsonic tech support regarding firmware upgrade, their response was that users cannot upgrade firmware. We have to send unit to their support center and they will send it back after upgrading it.
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