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Samsung UN46C8000 - Left half of screen distorted

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I have a Samsung UN46C8000 3D LED that I purchased in August 2010. Starting last week, the left half of the screen has heavy pixilation and has a distorted picture.

Has anyone seen this before and if so, what is the problem?

I have made a warranty claim and am trying to get someone out to take a look at it.

I usually don't buy the Ext War, but am now thinking I should have.

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I have the same TV, got it in April. No issues with it, have you tried different inputs with different source components? Have you tried a firmware update? Hope they can fix tour TV.
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I've had the same TV since July and no issues. Please provide me info such as:

- do you get the distorted picture on all inputs ?
- on the input(s) that is distorted, how are you connected to the video source - HDMI/DVI/component ?
- are you only seeing distortion on 3D or regular (2D) as well ?
- IF on 3D are you using the 2d->3d mode or is the video source sending true 3D? if so, what is the video source (bluray player,ps3,cable/satellite box) ?
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I seem to recall this topic coming up in the 2-D Samsung LCD world a couple of years ago (I have a 52" 120hz model...LNT-5271F I believe). AFAICR, it is because Samsung, like some other OEMs (not sure who off hand), uses two half-screens to create what you see as one big screen, and the two halves are driven separately (but in sync). If one circuit card goes bad then that side will look bad, not affecting the other side.

So it probably happens on all inputs for you, but might be related to the HDMI decoder board so may not affect Component inputs, or other weird symptoms.

Samsung will have to replace a board inside the TV, I would bet.

AFAIK at least,

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I talked to the Samsung Tech support and they asjed me to do the self picture check in the menu srttings and they claimed that that is an internal picture generated ny the TV and thus eliminates any outside signal questions.

I observed the left half of the screen being pixilated and all of the colors distorted. When the line split someone's face, the bad side made the person's left half oif his face look like he had acne or skin look bad.

When I talked to the waranty company, HSC, they said that it was a light source issue and that the LED sight sources were not perfected like the standard LCD's. When I talked to the repair tech, he said that he would have to replace the whole screen.

With the holidays, he is scheduled to come out on Jan 3rd. He could have come out sooner, but I was unavailable.

Hen he comes out to do the work, I will get more info and will post what I learn.
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FYI, I have the same issue, had TV for 14months then bam Half Screen of Death, did some research saw a few issues regarding problems with the T-Con board. Called Samsung a Tech cam out replaced the board checked all connections. Powered up TV and it was fine, paid my service fee and off he went. No sooner did he 5min later half the screen went distored again. I called him back and he pretty much said that the entire panel had to be replace with is about $1000. Not worth fixing. Not sure if this would be the case for other repairs but it was for mine. Lesson learned buy and extended warrenty!
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I have a problem with the Samsung un46c8000, I'll pay you for your help. My brother changed the settings of the service menu, and now I do not know the original factory settings of the service menu. 
There are problems: 
1. TV does not turn off with the remote. 
2. Stopped working buttons on the remote 
3. TV does not detect WiFi adapter. 
Probably there are many undetected changes. 
Please help me, show pictures of the service menu with the factory settings. 
I'll pay you! 
Great thanks. 

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