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LG 50PC5D Remote Control IN

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Short and sweet question.

I've got an LG 50PC5D plasma with a "remote control IN" input.

I'm feeding it from a universal MRF-350.

I'm getting no response from the TV.

I have double checked the software, cabling, polarity etc.... Any ideas?
I was just wondering if this remote jack needed to be turned on in the service menu or anything like that. I'm feeding it with mono style tip/sleeve.

Is there something I'm missing here? This is driving me crazy. I don't want to use an IR flasher if the TV has an input on the back.

Any ideas?
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Did you ever figure this out? I'm trying the same thing from a Niles ILRP 6+ without success, though I hasten to add I've currently got it in series with a mini emitter.

I do note that plugging in the mini jack disables the front IR receiver, so clearly that LG's "remote control in" *is* designed to feed the IR into the back panel.
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According to:


LG says it was supposed to be for a proprietary remote but was never developed, and there are not plans to develop it.

The solution is this device from Audioplex (thanks to Chris Kangis on the Creston message board).


Here's a box from AudioPlex that I've used.


Control LG/Zenith Panels Through IR Repeating Systems Without Visible Emitters!

The RC-LGI Interface allows easy integration of conventional infrared repeating systems with LG/Zenith flat panel televisions.

Installation is as simple as connecting the IR system and the television to the RC-LGI and supplying power. Sensitivity can be adjusted via the trim pot next to the IR input.

Includes power supply and two 1/8" to 1/8" cables.

Works great! Using the rear port does disable the front panel IR receiver but the hard buttons still work. -- Chris Kangis
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Sorry to bring up an old subject, but does anyone know if this Remote Control IN port will work if directly connected to a Logitech RF Extender?
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