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I recently purchased a used Epson HC6100. I purchased a new lamp that has the correct model number. My question is regarding the brightness of my setup. Here is how I've got things set up:

* screen: .8 gain grey
* projector distance: about 11 feet
* lens: full wide angle
* projected image size: 120"
* room: basement, ceiling mounted fluorescents (full spectrum)
* connections: HDMI from source to Harmon Kardon AVR-254, HDMI from HK to projector
* projector settings: full factory reset

Given these settings, I was surprised at how dim my image seemed compared to what I've seen mentioned in reviews. In Dynamic mode, with the room's lights on, the image is viewable, but not terrific -- details are washed out, and dark scenes are not visible. With the lights off, Dynamic mode works great, but the image is not "eye-poppingly bright" as I've read elsewhere. Turning the mode down to Theater-1 makes dark scenes somewhat too dark.

Switching back and forth from Brightness:high to Brightness:normal does show some difference in the brightness, but it is not a very big jump.

The HK AVR-254 has a video modes setting where I can amp up the brightness somewhat. The brightness setting on the Epson can also be adjusted and made brighter without much sacrifice in image quality.

Here are my questions:

* is my image dimmer than you'd expect? -- I have no experience and so do not know whether my expectations are bad or whether there might be a problem with this projector
* is there anything I can do about this if the image is dimmer than it should be? -- did I get a bum bulb, could the projector itself be defective, could having the AVR-254 in the HDMI chain be a problem, what sorts of things can I do to get a read on what the issue might be?

Thank you in advance!