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I recently purchased z506 logitech speakers and they are crap and I am returning them for the Z623 (i owned the older model and loved them, so I figure that the Z623 should be just as great).

Unfortunately the Logitech Z623 speakers are only 2.1. I was wondering if I also bought the Logitech Z320 could they also plug into my computer to have 4.1 sound? (Meaning will the Z623 and Z320 work together.) If the Z320 won't work with the Z623 are there any other speakers that will?

I have a EVGA P55 FTW motherboard, a headphone jack and micorphone jack in the front of my computer, and I do not have a dedicated sound card. My motherboard has optical and coaxial digital sound, and 6 colored sound plugs (blue, pink, green, black, orange, and gray)