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Infinity PC350, Polk CS20, or POLK CSI A4

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I currently have the polk CS10, and was wanting to upgrade. My current speakers are the TSI 500 in the front, OWM 5 on the side, and TSI 300 in the rear.

I like the sound fo the infinity PC350, but am concerned with it matching the sounds of my other Polk componets.

I do like the CS20 but like the sound f the CSI A4 Better

The concern I have with the CSI A4 is that it is 89DB vs 91BD for the CS20. Is the increase in sound worht the decrease in efficiency?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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If you have Polk speakers don't even consider the Infinity PC350.

The CS20 would be the next logical upgrade from the CS10 and the same timbre match. In fact you probably should have gone with the CS20 in the first place since since they have the 6.5" drivers like your TSi500 towers.

Now the CSiA4 is from a higher end Polk line. It may or may not sound as good with your TSi500s. It may stick out. I'd recommend sticking with the CS20 but if you're buying locally and can return the CSiA4 buy both then give it try.


The concern I have with the CSI A4 is that it is 89DB vs 91BD for the CS20. Is the increase in sound worht the decrease in efficiency?

That's not going to be an issue. If you have any kind of modern receiver it has room calibration software to adjust all the volume levels for each channel. Just run it. You didn't mention what receiver you own.

You can also manually adjust the center channel volume depending what receiver you have.
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I have the Denon 1911, so it does have auto calibration.
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yeah, the sensitivity ratings of the two speakers wont be an issue.
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As you mentioned I am concerned if they will match. I have searcher forum after forum looking for someone that has paired them together and nothing. I wonder if there is a good reason for that. I am going to go drive the CS20's this afternoon. I am going to tell the wife I am Christmas shopping for her. I already got her something, so now it is my turn.
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UPDATE: I compared the CS20 and the Csi A4 yesterday side by side and I actually liked the CS20 better. The person working there said the same thing. There were not huge differences between the two. The CSI A4 seemed to have slightly brighter highs, but the overall sound quality went to the CS20's.

I should have just gone with the CS20 to begin with. I was concerned with size when I bought the cs10, and it is a great sounding center, but I like to rock out pretty good and overall found the CS20 better.

I wanted to make surwe he was not just some clown saying what I wanted to hear, and he had the Onkyo 808 and the B&W speakers, neither of which were sold at the store I was at, which to me showed that he took his home theater experience fairly seriously. .
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I auditioned the two today, and I will say the difference between the two was significant in the mid range. Since most of the sound comes through the front two speakers, I saw this as important. Due to my set up, I went in wanting to like and get the CSI A4, because I am mounting this thing on the wall under my televisions and the CIS A4 would look much better due to the front only port and much smaller size. Once I heard the CSI A6, I had to have it. I would say, If you can't fit the CSI A6, then go for the A4. The A4 sounds great as well. But if you can fit it, definitely go for the A^A. That thing is freaking amazing.

Also, If you have the RATI A's, you must get one of the two CSI's. The CS20 great Amazing with the TSI line, but it is not timbre matched to the RTi line. I tried it, and they just did not mesh right. I did not think that matching was all that important until I tried it, and it makes a HUGE difference. Try to buy as many speakers as you can from the same of any product line, particularily the front two and center.
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