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Wii Connection

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I am running a Yamaha HTR-3063. I purchased the component cable set for my Wii. I want to only use the HDMI out on my receiver so I only have one cable running from the back of the receiver to the TV so I need to hook up my Wii through an HDMI port on the receiver.

To do so I purchased a Pyle Home PYPBHD40 Component Video and SPDIF to HDMI Converter with Audio Support. I plugged my component Wii cable into the input and took the output HDMI cable into the receiver. I turned everything on and i am getting sound through the system but no video. Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

Thanks in advance!
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This may have been a better choice. Plugs into the Wii's A/V jack, terminates to female HDMI - and apparently carries audio & 480i/p video.
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I ended up picking one of the Neoya devices recently, trying to simplify wiring.

It works great. I honestly can't tell any difference from the component cables, the audio is carried over the HDMI perfectly (as 2channel PCM that can then have DPLII applied to it), and haven't seen any games with issues yet.

I have it set to 480p, but I believe it works as 480i as well for the games that only support that (ie, MadWorld, maybe others).

Haven't tried it with any Virtual Console games, maybe there would be issues there, I'm not sure.
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